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  1. upperNY01brewer

    Older Yeast

    How long is to long to have yeast and not brew with it ? I have a yeast dated Nov 2012, its been in the fridge since purchasing it. Will a starter be enough or should it be a case where I just pour it down the drain ? :confused:
  2. upperNY01brewer

    Conversion of Percent to Lbs.

    I stepped away from brewing for awhile but now Im back and having a brain fart. Ive got a recipe for a Pliney The Elder clone but all my notes indicate my malt bill in percentages rather than pounds and ounces and I cant recall how I convert that. :confused:
  3. upperNY01brewer

    White Powder on Top

    Ok so I just arrived home last night from a 3 week Belgian beer holiday and looked in on my American Amber that I transferred into secondary before I left and it has a white powdery film on top of it. Am I looking at a infection and having to dump this batch ? Ive never had that before. :(
  4. upperNY01brewer

    BeerSmith 2.0 Question

    I just recently purchased BrewSmith 2.0 and I have one question. I have plenty of recipes that I want to enter so as I can get the fully use out of it and one thing Im having a problem with is when entering the style Im finding that there isn't always a style to fit with them. They all cant be a...
  5. upperNY01brewer

    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    I brewed up Nothern Brewers Bourbon Barrel Porter on 01/08/13 with a O.G. of 1.074(was shooting for 1.065) and for the last 2 days it has held @ 1.040. I transferred over to the secondary and added my oak chips and bourbon but Im thinking of just adding another pack of yeast to get it down. Put...
  6. upperNY01brewer

    Adding Oak Chips for a Porter

    I'm getting ready to brew a Bourbon Barrel Porter tomorrow, so on Friday I purchased some Makers Mark Bourbon to soak the American medium oak chips in till I'm ready for them in secondary in about 2 weeks from now. Question is shall I hold the bourbon that doesn't soak up into the chips to the...
  7. upperNY01brewer

    Thank You Global Warming

    Thanks to global warming it is a record high of 68 degrees here in western New York, Rochester to be exact...When I seen the forecast for this week I ordered a Kiwi Express IPA all grain kit from Northern Brewer. My setup is in my garage and I normally shut down all grain operations for the...
  8. upperNY01brewer

    Chocolate/Hazelnut Porter

    Here's my next brew for this up coming sunday. Heres the recipe : 10.0 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) UK (2.0 SRM) Grain 57.89 % 2.50 lb Wheat Malt, UK (2.0 SRM) Grain 26.32 % 0.50 lb Black (Patent) Malt (471.0 SRM) Grain 5.26 % 0.50 lb Carafa II (412.0 SRM) Grain 5.26 % 0.50 lb...
  9. upperNY01brewer

    Sulfur or Rotten Egg Aroma

    So this is a first, I went to rack a Rye Pale Ale to secondary and after removing the airlock the first aroma that hit me was of rotten eggs or sulfur, to me they smell one in the same...My six yr old son who likes to help me out wanted to take credit for the smell saying "daddy I ripped a good...
  10. upperNY01brewer

    Wondering Yeast use for Bread

    Im wondering if anyone has used brewing yeast in making bread ? Ive been getting into the practice of making bread with my spent grains after every brew day and it is always a big hit around my house. It cost so little and you get a number of loafs with using the grains (6 loafs just from a...
  11. upperNY01brewer

    Just a Question or Thought

    I thought this thread was to exchange our homebrews with other homebrewers. Basically all I see is people offering exchanges of beers from commercially operated breweries. Just saying
  12. upperNY01brewer

    Force Carb and Bottling

    Though I think I already know the answer to this question I will ask it anyways. Ive got the equipment for kegging other than a refridgerator to utilize it for. So right now I have a batch fermenting in a cornie, what I'd like to do is put the co2 on it and bottle from there with my bottling...
  13. upperNY01brewer

    DME to Grain conversion

    Having a brain fart at this moment. What is the formula to convert DME weight to grain weight ? Specifically 5 ibs DME is = to how many pounds pale malt ?:drunk:
  14. upperNY01brewer

    Filtering then Bottling

    So I started filtering my finished beer yesterday, actually did two batches. Now Im sitting here tonight wondering if there will be enough yeast to get it carb'd up with the priming sugar. Or will it take just alittle longer ? Any guesses from anyone ?:mug:
  15. upperNY01brewer

    Looking For A Taker - Dogfish 120

    Not really having a category to put this in In I figured General Beer Discussion was the best. Anyways, I'm in possession of 6 Dogfish Head 120's. I'm looking for anyone who may have Russian River Pliney the Elder that they would like to swap. They are nowhere to be found in Rochester,NY. I...
  16. upperNY01brewer

    Entering Homebrew Alley 6

    So Ive decided its time to entry a home brewing contest, if for nothing else to receive the judging results on my entries(though of course I'd like to place with them too). My question is, Im not really sure into which style category my Pumpkin Ale falls. Ive read the style guidelines and Im...
  17. upperNY01brewer

    1st Kegging

    This is my firdt time kegging and I want it ready for a party this coming friday. Im going to add the co2 today do I have a chance that it will be ready for consumption ?
  18. upperNY01brewer

    Second Runnings

    Did a second running from some Scottish Wee Heavy grains where I added just a few extra ounces of grains on hand and used Heather Tip rather than hops and I gotta say Im loving it !!!! Came out exceptionally well, the Heather Tip gave it a bitterness that could best be described as tasting like...
  19. upperNY01brewer

    Doing a Session Beer with Used Grains

    I'm getting ready in the next half hr or so to do a Dunkel and I'd like to do a second batch with the grains to brew something which will fall under no real defined category. I'm going to add a few oz. of whatever I have laying around and some DME that I have as extra, and some hops and yeast...
  20. upperNY01brewer

    Missed Ingredient in my Wee Heavy

    I did a Wee Heavy last week and Im going through my notes from the brew session and I found that I completely forgot to add the Lyles Golden Syrup like I had wanted to add. Hell I went as far as forgetting to purchase it, it was on my list of things to get. Its still in primary right now and...