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    Partial eBrewsupply 30A DIY panel for sale. Partial kit of the 30A DIY ebrewsupply kit. Parts missing: Wires Plugs Some DIN rail connectors DIN rails Will come with all breakers, contactors, 3 PIDS, 1 Timer, stainless case and heat...
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    4.4cu ft mini fridge for FV?

    I'm looking at getting a couple of 4.4 mini fridges for either a ss brew bucket or a 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler. Link: Specs are (outside): 33.5"H x 19"w x 21" D. Big Mouth Bubbler: 22"H x 11"...
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    Where to buy cans? Everywhere is sold out.

    Looking to buy cans for my canning machine. Every place I've looked is sold out. Is there any good leads on where to buy? Thanks.
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    225's Electric HERMS 20 Gallon Brewery.

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a 20 gallon kettle setup for brewing 10/12 gallon batches. I've made a spreadsheet on Google sheets if you wanna keep up with the parts list / cost. The brewery...
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    Whirlpooling with heating coil in boil kettle?

    I'm currently building a electric system with 20 gallon Blichmann kettles and 5500w ripple elements. And I would like to add the whirlpool port. Is whirlpooling still possible with the element in the way? I was thinking that if it was, moving the wort back to the mash tun to...
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    North Carolina Asheville Roll Call!

    Looking to meet up with home brewers in the Asheville area.
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    Little Cajun Brewery Build

    So I decided to go all electric. And here is my build so far. I'm just waiting on parts I ordered to come in. But I have ordered everything I need to finish the panel. The panel: Some holes cut in it. Some of the parts have came in. Still waiting on the rest....
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    Keggle vs 20 boiler?

    How much of a difference is there between a Blichman Boilermaker kettle (20 Gal) compared to 15.5 gal kettles? I am building a system that I want to last for years. Is the Blichman worth the long term investment? I have more than a few 15.5 gallon kegs now. But just wondering if the big...
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    Second batch w/pics

    Done my second batch with extract. 2 weeks in primary, currently 3 days with 15psi of Co2 on it. Still not carbonated enough. How long do I have to wait before it is carbonated? Thanks! About 1 inch of yeast left over... In the Keezer... In the glass. Not real clear. But I have a...
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    Lucky me!

    My buddy does heating/ a/c work for a living. He calls me and says hey I know you brew beer.. need a chiller? I say sure, how much? He said I'll give it to you and trade you something for it later. It's a NesLab CFT-33... retail new is like $3500.00 Used $1500.00 Lucky me. Good way to...
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    I had a Tin Roof today.

    I saw a ad about Tin Roof beer the other day ( . I tried the amber style. The beer was OK. But you could really taste the hops. It was like sucking on a hops pellet and drinking a beer at the same time. Does anyone like/ know of other beer like this? I am going to do a...
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    Very noob question.

    I have checked around and since this question is really noob, I have to ask. First I have to say, I just started my first brew yesterday. Second, what is the rigs I see on here all the time with the three pots? What is the pourpose of them and what is the proper process for them? And when...
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    Another keezer.

    I have been lurking on here for a few months. I built a keezer from the advice from you guys. I used a small cheap ass chest freezer, that was free. Then I built a frame under it with wheels on it. And then did the frame under the door. I have a 1/4 keg of Abita Amber in there...