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  1. petemoss

    Proper starter technique when not adding entire starter to wort

    Hi gang. Normally I make a starter on a stir plate and then I pitch the entire starter into the wort. I am making a lager that BeerSmith tells me will need a 4L starter. I would rather just pitch the yeast off of the starter rather than the entire starter. This is due to me not wanting that...
  2. petemoss

    Bad brew day

    I decided to brew an Oatmeal Stout on Saturday. Issues: 1. My buddy stirred the mash and knocked the hose going to the screen off of the screen. We had to dump the mash into buckets, clean the mash tun, reassemble, reload the mash tun, and restart lautering. 2. While cleaning the boil kettle...
  3. petemoss

    Finally got a tower

    So, I've been using this fridge for a while as a kegerator, just using picnic taps inside and opening the door for a pour. I finally decided to add a tower. I purchased the three tap tower with flow control Intertaps from Williams Brewing. Everything went very well. It had everything I needed...
  4. petemoss

    Considering a tower

    Hey guys, So, I have a commercial undercounter fridge that I use as a "keegerator" or something. It will hold three corny kegs and a CO2 tank (I only have two at the moment). Currently I just have picnic taps on these, and I open the door whenever I want a pour. It is basically a large cooler...
  5. petemoss

    Is the trub important for off flavors

    So, normally primary fermentation finishes pretty quickly. Then I will usually leave the beer in the primary for a total of about two weeks to clean up off flavors and all that jazz. I was wondering if once primary fermentation is complete, could you keg it at room temp with CO2 purge and still...
  6. petemoss

    Sparge temp question, better to err on the side of...?

    Hey gang, Currently I only have one burner and kettle. So I use it for heating strike water, sparge water, and for the boil. I manage this by shifting wort around in buckets and storing my sparge water in an extra water cooler. The problem I run into is that my sparge water is usually a little...
  7. petemoss

    Water advice

    I've been considering trying to tighten up my brewing water game. I live in a medium-small sized city. I called the water board to get info on my water composition. They really couldn't help me too much because they said that the city has three different water sources. We use surface water, well...
  8. petemoss

    Keg connectors - need help

    Hey guys, Background, I used to keg a couple of years ago. Sold my stuff. Recently got tired of bottling and purchased one new Torpedo keg. The keg has port with cut groove on the in side, port with no groove on the out side. My gray gas connector will connect to either port. They black...
  9. petemoss

    Recipes by ratios

    Hey guys, So I watched a youtube video interview of a pro brewer. This guy said that he won't even talk to someone if they describe a recipe in terms of pounds and ounces of grain. Rather he likes for the recipe to be described in terms of ratios or percentages. Like 84% 2 row, 10% Vienna, 6%...
  10. petemoss

    Opinion needed for temp control

    Hi guys, I have recently purchased this refrigerator used from a meat processor. I am thinking of putting a temp control on it. The cool think about it and also the thing that causes me...
  11. petemoss

    I finally finished my mash paddle

    Well, here it is. My hole drilling is better than my router "engraving", but what the heck. I'm hoping this will help with the doughballs better than the stainless spoon that I have been using.
  12. petemoss

    Brewing "stuff"

    So lately I have been making some ciders. At it's simplest form I can just dump some yeast into a one gallon jug of apple juice and cover the mouth with sanitized aluminum foil. I end up with something that tastes like apple juice with the sweetness removed and alcohol added. Not the tastiest...
  13. petemoss

    Brewing / Fermenting in a stock pot

    Hey gang, I have lately been doing 9 - 10 gallon batches of BIAB. I have thought about doing some 1 gallon test batches. I don't really have the small fermenters needed for that though. However, I do have about 4 of the small (about 2 gallon) stainless stock pots in the kitchen. I was...
  14. petemoss

    Refractometer and BeerSmith

    Hi gang, I was wondering how y'all use a refractometer in conjunction with BeerSmith. I was wondering if people just take their OG and FG gravities in specific gravity straight from the refractometer and enter it into the OG and FG fields in BeerSmith. I know that there is a...
  15. petemoss

    BIAB, PID, Propane, Recirculation, Hope, Dreams, and Questions

    Hey gang, I am currently BIABing by heating my water to strike temp with a Blichman propane burner. I then mash in and cover the kettle with a sleeping bag for insulation. I'll check temp and stir a couple of times during the mash. I do have a screen in the bottom of the kettle to keep from...
  16. petemoss

    Yeast starter for 10 gals

    Hey gang, With all of my brews to date except the last one, I have done five gallon batches. I would usually create a yeast starter with say 1500 ml of water and 150g of DME. These all worked great. With the last batch I did a 10 gallon batch. On it I did a 1500 ml starter as above, then I...
  17. petemoss

    Adding grains at temp?

    Hey gang, I have gone to BIAB from extract and have several batches under my belt, but am still new to it. So, historically I have used BeerSmith to tell me what temperature to bring my water to (say 159) such that when I add my grains it will cool down to the proper mash temperature. I have...
  18. petemoss

    Blichmann burner and oil

    So, I just got my new Blichmann burner yesterday. It says to not use it to heat oil. Is there a real reason not to do fry a turkey or something with this thing, or is Blichmann just covering their liability? Thanks
  19. petemoss

    Sharp kegs from NB

    Hey gang, I used the 20 percent off code a couple weeks ago at Northern Brewer to get their shiny new kegs with the stainless handle. It all seemed good. I kegged my first beer and finished it off. Once empty I decided to clean the keg. I loaded it with PBW. When dumping it out, I held...
  20. petemoss

    Help a brother out? Considering BIAB.

    Hey gang, I'm pretty new to brewing. I have been doing 5 gallon extract batches thus far. I have been really excited by all of this and would like to make a move to all grain. From an expense perspective I feel that BIAB is a logical first step. It may turn out that it will be the only...