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  1. UnaBonger

    Dry Hop in Keg?

    So I have a finished beer that came out OK... I'd like to add a little more hop bite to it... Is it possible/advisable to add bag of hops to a serving keg already in a kegerator? In a sense, dry hopping a already finished beer... Thanks.
  2. UnaBonger

    Calling all Lawn Gurus!

    Last summer I purchased my 1st house! In doing so, I realized I know nothing about grass care other than mowing it... Right now I have a relatively crappy looking lawn and I'd like to fix that this summer. It's patchy, has crabgrass and mossy spots in some areas. It's a small yard with one large...
  3. UnaBonger

    Good beer in Atlanta?

    I'm heading to ATL for the 1st time in a few weeks for work. I'll be staying in the Doraville (?) area and will be looking for things to do and beer to drink... Any suggestions?
  4. UnaBonger

    Naturally Carbing a Keg...

    Im getting close to racking into my first keg :rockin: and I'm thinking on going the natural carbing route for this batch, as I currently have a commercial brew on tap and my kegerator is still equipped with a sanke connector... Since I wont be able to hit the keg with C02, is it possible to...
  5. UnaBonger

    Draft Beer Tower, 10 spigots, new, Brass (CT area)

    Not mine but someone here may find it a home. For sale is a brand new 10 beer draft tower with all hardware and seals. NEVER MOUNTED, Brand new ->
  6. UnaBonger

    Newb alert! Dumb keg question inside!

    I have acquired a commercially made dorm fridge type single tap kegerator and I just hooked up my first keg... I'm noticing that when I pour, the pour starts great, foams like a bastard for a second or two, then finishes great... After looking inside I think I see where my problem is... I think...
  7. UnaBonger

    Hi, I'm Una and I'm addicted...

    ...To fecking hops!!! :rockin: Seriously...To hops... Every beer I want to brew/drink needs a high IBU count... Is there hope for me?
  8. UnaBonger

    Boil kettle covered/uncovered?

    Any issues with covering or partially covering a kettle leading up to or during the boil? I'm finding that boiling indoors is taking me a bit too long to get my batch up to a full boil. I've found that partially covering the kettle helps raise the temp faster... Is this shunned upon? If so...
  9. UnaBonger

    Mash temps all over the place...

    Is it common place to have different temp readings in different areas of your mash tun? And if so, how do you deal with it? As I sit here mashing todays brew in a converted 10 gal cooler, I'm finding that my mash tun has a different temp for each corner... +/- 10 degress... So, as I try and...
  10. UnaBonger

    CT - Ski Sundown Brewer's Festival

    Any other HBT'rs going to this today? While it's certainly not the GABF, it is still fun! I'll be there :mug:
  11. UnaBonger

    Making the jump to kegging...

    I'm wondering what the most cost effective way to get into a decent kegging system would be? I see a few different options floating around this forum... Keezer, converted dorm fridge or a commercially made system. I'd literally be starting from scratch needing everything down to the kegs...
  12. UnaBonger

    End of season with a potted hop plant

    I've been given a cascade plant that has had its growth stunted by being kept in a 10" pot all summer... I received it about a month ago and promptly placed it into a larger container. Obviously being in such a small pot for the entire growing season kept it from producing any cones, but it grew...
  13. UnaBonger

    New to kegging... Unsure whats needed...

    I'm getting ready to purchase a used single tap kegerator on craigslist and am unsure of what I'm going to need to go with it... The keg connection in the kegerator is a single type connector that goes on the commercial 1/2, 1/4 barrel type kegs... I'm guessing I'll need to get some sort of...
  14. UnaBonger

    What are you eating for lunch today?

    I have a lovely Turkey sandwich made by SWMBO :)
  15. UnaBonger

    Cards or Steelers? Call it!

    Well, who's your pick? Oh, and what ya drinkin'? Me? Steelers & IPA, Wheat and/or Coffee Stout..........
  16. UnaBonger

    What makes a red, red?

    Title kinda says it all... Where does the red color come from in a red beer? I have the hankering to get a red going for St. Patricks day and am looking for a place to start with recipes... Or is there an outstanding red recipe here somewhere?
  17. UnaBonger

    Accidental Strong Ale

    Somehow I managed to brew up something in the 1.080 range (well, I know how the "somehow" happened but lets not dwell upon that :p) and was originally shooting for 1.055ish... The target FG for this is/was 1.015 - 1.020. My question is this - The yeast I used was a simple dry pack of Notty...
  18. UnaBonger

    Portland, Maine Drinking Suggestions

    I'll be up in Portland, ME in a few weeks and am looking for good beer drinking/beer culture suggestions... I'm somewhat familiar with Portland and know Gritty McDuff's fairly well. I've just been given the heads up on a place called Novare Res Novare Res Bier Café : : : Portland Maine Beer Bar...
  19. UnaBonger

    Understanding Mash Temps

    I'm hoping someone can help me better understand mashing temps... As I understand it, the mashing temp window is between 150* and 160*. Within that window, the lower I mash at the more fermentables I get out of the grains, the dryer my end product. The higher I mash at the more "mouthfeel" I...