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  1. Germelli1

    Bell's is doing a local tap take over...what should I try?

    So bells is taking over a local pub and since I have never experienced a wide selection of their beers, can you guys who are familiar with them recommend some must-haves? I have had Two-Hearted, Amber and Kalamazoo.
  2. Germelli1

    What would you do? ...Disappearing Beer

    Before I go into this, I want to give some background. I live in a house in my college town. It is divided between our section, the ground floor and my attic bedroom, and a separate basement apartment. I have two roomates in our section of the house, and we all get along great. Our landlord is...
  3. Germelli1

    Mozzarella Recipe: New Hobby and in LOVE!

    So I made my first batch of mozzarella last week! It was INCREDIBLY easy, so if you have an hour one day and have wanted to try this, DO IT! It didn't all go to plan but it tastes amazing! I used my years of working a dairy farm to secure some creamline milk for it and WOW did it make some...
  4. Germelli1

    Drank over a gallon of beer yesterday.

    At Blacksburgs craft beer festival. There were 29 craft berwers there and most of them were local. I officially bought 20 4 oz. tastings, but between hitting on beer pourers and connecting with brewmasters I ended up in the 130 oz range haha. My personal favorites of the day was: Legend...
  5. Germelli1

    Question for sourdoughers!

    So I have been culturing up a few wild sourdough starters. I had my starter fed up to about 18 oz so I decided to put it to work. I used a simple recipe for basic sour dough bread. I took out 8 fluid oz of starter and baked a loaf of bread. It blew me away how good it came out with such a...
  6. Germelli1

    Pic: Tree full of hop cones!

    So I came across this tree today on campus: After digging in some of my forestry books for an identification, I actually ruled out the possibility that it is the common "Hoptree" (I have never seen one of these before). After a little more digging to procrastinate from actual work, I figured...
  7. Germelli1

    How many other college students are on here?

    I know of a few, but I figured I would see how many others were willing to check in here! I am a student at virginia tech studying GIS and Forestry! Any one else?
  8. Germelli1

    How awesome is Pacman yeast at 58 degrees?

    But the joke may be on me because there are a good bit of simple sugars in here. Hopefully these guys don't get lazy! (Sorry I don't know how to include a video without linking to another site!)
  9. Germelli1

    What was I thinking...Competition related

    So there is a big craft beer festival coming up very soon in my college town (Blacksburg, VA if anyone is nearby and wants to attend). I was thinking about submitting a few brews, but my last few were recipes just for me. By this I mean I designed them to my freind and I's tastes, and not...
  10. Germelli1

    Question for No chillers and not pitching yeast right away

    So I brought this up in another thread, but I wanted to ask the community here for thoughts on this. One time my starter failed to take off. The wort had been sitting in the fermenter for 2 days with no yeast when I decided to make a new starter. For extra measure to ensure sterile wort, I...
  11. Germelli1

    When is the best time to add candi sugar?

    Ok I have searched my ass off on this one and and hoping someone with more experience can sort this out for me. I am planning a slightly crazy experimental brew. It will be under 1.060 including the sugar (1lb) I am also worried about the yeast going after the sugar and getting too lazy...
  12. Germelli1

    Just had my first New Belgian Beer!

    They started stocking New Belgium beers here at school this weekend. I picked up a Fat Tire and a Ranger IPA. I can honestly say I just wanted to see what the buzz was adding 2 new non-silk screened bombers to my empties-inventory for $3 a piece isn't bad either! So I opened the...
  13. Germelli1

    Quick input needed...How should I hop second runnings?

    So my Wee Heavy from Brewmasters Warehouse is half way into its boil. I started taking second runnings to can for future yeast starters. They were coming out VERY strong, so I decided to keep sparging and make a small second runnings batch. I also have some extract I can toss in if needed...
  14. Germelli1

    WLP 028, 5 days in it alive?

    Yup :ban: This is 40 MINUTES after stepping up the starter! After sitting stationary on a truck for 2 of the five days of its transit, it is going nuts. I ordered a scottish wee heave kit from brewmasters warehouse via their weekly special thread. Was worried about the yeast so two days...
  15. Germelli1

    Cool Beer History Encountered at Work (GIS): George Washingtons Grist Mill

    So my project for the summer is to go through and classify all the buildings in our county for an international collaberative mapping effort. While working on the project a few minutes ago, I came across a set of buildings called "George Washington's Grist Mill". It certainly caught my eye and...
  16. Germelli1

    My Minimal Primary Fermentation Method & Bottle Carbing in 1 Day

    This is why I don't buy into the extended primary method for anything below 1.060 OG but if you are a new brewer or still am trying to get your processes down I wouldn't try this! I want to start by asking you to bear in mind through this that I don’t hear someone say they leave beers...
  17. Germelli1

    Bread/Sourdough with Brewing yeast!

    So I have been wanting to break into the artisan side of bread making for a while. I have also been wanting to make a sourdough starter for a while so I decided to just dive into it all at once! I thought, "Hell, I have a house strain of brewing yeast, why not see if I can make it a house...
  18. Germelli1

    First Blowoff...with Nottingham?

    In 70 or so batches, all varying in styles and OG's, I am currently having my first blow off on a 1.055 OG Pale Ale...with Nottingham yeast! I decided to give the yeast a shot after publically claiming I would never use it after the issues the company had been having. It has been a BEAST...
  19. Germelli1

    Dump this batch, or sour it?

    So I have 4 gallons of all munich Barley wine that didn't go to plan. It was an experiement as I had just bought a sack of munich and wanted to try my first decoction mash. So I have no problems chaulking this on up as a learning experience and tossing it. However Colo's thread has inspired...
  20. Germelli1

    Just bought my first conical (Plastic)

    So after haggling over craigslist, I agreed to buy my first 15 gallon plastic conical fermenter, with a stand. I am pretty excited and think my first batch into this guy will be a 10 gallon brew of Edwort's pale ale when my cascade are ready to harvest. (little guy on left) Not bad for...