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  1. stormyday

    Bottle bombs

    If I let my cider ferment all the way til it's done working, then rack into wine bottles what are my chances they'll blow?
  2. stormyday

    First wine questions

    Mixed up our first wine the other night, took organic blueberry juice and tried out my new hydrometer, it read 1.042, we put an airlock on, that was Saturday. Today it looked like it was done working so I took a reading and it was 1.010. U guys think its done? Oh yeah, we put red star champaign...
  3. stormyday

    1st rack/ what the hell am i doin?

    my first batch of cider slowed down after 15 days so i took a gravity reading last nite cause i just got my hydrometer. it was 1.00, i think i read someplace that that waas a good time to rack so i syphoned into a different one gallon glass jug leaving behind the junk in the bottom. then put it...
  4. stormyday

    ascorbic acid

    hey will ascorbic acid affect the fermentation of the cider? my first batch is still fermenting but i got board yesterday and picked up a gallon of indian summer juice and started batch #2. i noticed the indian summer has ascorbic acid. thanks
  5. stormyday

    Ascorbic acid

    Will ascorbic acid screw up fermentation ?
  6. stormyday

    rubber stopper

    what size rubber stoppers do i need foe one gallon glass carboys. i got a balloon on my first batch but i ordered come air locks and need some stoppers
  7. stormyday

    yeast slurry

    what is a yeast slurry?
  8. stormyday


    anyone have a sanitizer that they would recomend to someone new to brewing? something that can be found and ordered online?
  9. stormyday

    apple juice

    so can any apple juice be used to make hard cider? i was thinking that i read someplace that it needed to be preservative free for the yeast to work so i bought a $13 gallon jug of it from the organic food store. being that i dont care about organic food it would be cheaper for me to use...
  10. stormyday

    1st batch of cider

    i have a jug of apple juice with no preservatives, i think my champagn yeast is coming in the mail today so i wanna start my first batch tonight. i have a recipe that calls for one cup of sugar, does this sound right? i wanna get the most alcahol content i can. i have no way to check it cause...