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  1. pipapat

    PH meters

    I am in the market for a good ph meter. What is recommenced for one that wont break the bank, but will last 3 years or so if cared for. I have a budget of 175$. :rockin:
  2. pipapat

    Blinkman conical question

    So i have the 14 gallon conical with the triclamps and the castors. After a batch that fermented really high temp wise even in my basement with wet towel over the top of it. I need to get a upright freezer to place it in. Anyone have a model they can recommend that will work with the castors...
  3. pipapat

    co2 tanks

    Anyone know where the cheapest place is for a 20 lbs tank? 125 is about as cheap as i have found after shipping. Cheers!:tank:
  4. pipapat


    So i made some beer de g. some time ago. It has been aging in my refridge. I look today and it has tiny bubbles that look like Brett to me. No funk yet. Infected? I had used the carboy before for a Berlin. I bleach the carboy after 2 PBW cleanings. I also used new plastics. Its been...
  5. pipapat

    WTB Hop crowns

    Looking for some some good sized hop crowns. Centennial Chinook Columbus Magnum Anyone dig up the yard yet? If no crowns, a good sized rhizome would do. I wasn't impressed with the size of the rhizomes i got last year off of ebay.
  6. pipapat


    so some time ago i found a great sight on the web selling used barrels out of newyork. It started with t. I booked marked it. Fast forward 4 months and my hard drive took a crap. They sold 15, 30, and standard used spirit barrels. Any ideas? I cant find them on google now.
  7. pipapat

    1000ml culture bottles

    I have some new 1000ml culture bottles for sale or trade. They are great for storing yeast. I have used them for yeast washing in the past. These bottles are brand new and unused. I bought them as a lot and only needed 2 of the case. i have 8 in all. For shipping reasons it would be...
  8. pipapat


    So i got a fermawrap the other day and hooked it up to my ranco controller. It doesnt seem to be warm evenly across the wrap. Is this damaged? If so im sending it back to morebeer. Is this normal operation for the unit? I placed the probe on the outside of the fermentor just to check to...
  9. pipapat

    wine bottles

    Salt lake city I have a bunch of cases of green 750ml wine bottles. They are new in box. Anyone interested im selling them for 15 a box. I have way more than im going to need for mead making this year or next.
  10. pipapat

    Gamma Vittles Vault Stackables

    Organizing the brew room and wanted something other than piles of grain bags for all my opened grains. noticed the Gamma Vittles Vault Stackables on The 40 hold 40 lbs of dog food. Anyone use these to store grain? Just wondering if i can get away with the 40 or should i be...
  11. pipapat

    Candi Sugar in sours

    So i have a bad cold and im brewing a flanders brown. Well the cold medication has me all loopy. I missed the Munich malt in my recipe and im not in the mood too miini mash it at this point. My local hb shop is out of Munich extract. So im stuck with a beer that isnt to most of the recipes i...
  12. pipapat


    Looking to buy a conical. Noticed these. just wondering if they are any good or if i should go for a Blichmann? They are about half the price starting. :mug:
  13. pipapat

    malt mill advice

    So i am in the market for a 6 inch malt mill. going to motorize it with a old drill i have collecting dust. I would like adjustable gaping with a hopper. I have used the schmidling malt mill at my local HBS. I have seen advertisements for the monster malt mill and the crankenstien. Can anyone...
  14. pipapat

    Euro style bottle caps

    So i have a ferrari Bench corker. I was wondering if anyone knows if they make a capping atachment for bottles and if so it works with the large euro style bottle caps? I am capping some botled with corks in them and would rather cap than hood them. Cheers pat
  15. pipapat

    All brett c bottling

    So my all brett beer has been in the carboy for about 3 months. Upon reading various all brett threads i am still a bit confused. Is this beer ready too bottle? Some have spoken of treating it like normal beer when its all brett. Others have mentioned Russian River waits longer. Should i prime...
  16. pipapat

    flanders recipe needed

    Ok gang i have brewed variants of Jamils recipes for a flanders red. Thinking of doing something else as his are not supposed to be very sour. Any recommendations for a Flanders red or brown? Old Sock and ryane your imput is always welcome here. I was thinking traditional mash and long boil...
  17. pipapat

    Russian River on chowhound thought it was cool. Cheers
  18. pipapat

    second mead recpie need input

    so at the farmers market i got some great light colored honey. Its cactus flower honey from southern utah. Nice and floral. I was looking at currants as well. So i was thinking 12lbs cactus honey and about 3-4 red or black currants. Wondering if anyone has had luck with currants? Should i go...
  19. pipapat

    False bottom

    So the braided hose on my 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler is falling apart. Figured it was time to up grade too a false bottom on it. Stainless steel. Anyone know who has the cheapest ones for a diy? Also where can i get a bulkhead so i can install my digital thermometer so i dont have too lift the...
  20. pipapat


    So after trying dogfish head neo-BerlinerWeisse with peaches i have to say its a great summer brew. I was wondering if anyone has had any success on making one? If so any ideas for making a peach version? Links to some thread with recipes might be help full. Other than double ipa's all i seem...