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  1. beerbuddy

    What to drink while visiting London.

    My nephew is traveling to London to meet his girlfriend who is going to school in Scotland for a semester and asked me what he should drink while there. I have no idea any suggestions?
  2. beerbuddy

    Brewers Liquorice

    I used half a stick of Brewers Liquorice in a Robust Porter and at three weeks was overwhelming. Now 2 weeks later it has blended nicely into the background where it belongs.
  3. beerbuddy

    Getting back in the game

    So I hadn’t brewed for a while and was planning on starting up again anyway when SWMBO puts me on the hook for 4 kegs at her family cookout this summer. I had two recipes that I had purchases a while ago crushed grains and all. I was going to toss them but then I figured what the hell might as...
  4. beerbuddy

    Free Hops from Sam Adams

    After working at my Daughters house yesterday I stopped by a shady little package store to pick up some beer. (All out of Homebrew) and at the counter they have these little packs of Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops from Sam Adams. Your supposed to crush them up in your hand and smell them like Jim...
  5. beerbuddy

    Best compliment yet

    Had a family party at my house a few weeks ago and along with the Bud and Bud-lite the in-laws usually drink I served my Robust Porter and my Brown Ale. At the end of the night my wife's (very wasted) Bud-lite loving sister in-law comes over to tell that she loved the Brown Ale and that it...
  6. beerbuddy

    Propane tank exchange rant

    I exchange my propane tank today and when I bend down to put it away in the garage I get a whiff of propane. I check the valve and it is open about three turns. I take it back and when the manager gives me another the valve is open as well. He then checks the rest and they are all open. WTF He...
  7. beerbuddy

    Looking for a Irish Red Ale recipe

    I found this one does it look OK? Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.50 gal Boil Size: 7.00 gal Estimated OG: 1.061 SG Estimated Color: 12.6 SRM Estimated IBU: 17.8 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 % Boil Time: 60 Minutes Ingredients: ------------...
  8. beerbuddy

    Bitsy Brown Ale

    Ingredients: ------------ Grain: ------- 7 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 68.29 % 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) 9.76 % 1 lbs Toasted Quick Oats (1.0 SRM) 9.76 % 4.0 oz Black (Patent)...
  9. beerbuddy

    Brought my Brown Ale to my LHBS for a critiquing tonight

    Things went so well at work today with my brew I felt brave and decided to take it to my LHBS Friday night swap/tasting for a honest opinion from people who have been doing this for awhile. It was well received and they were surprised I knew so much for a noob. I can thank you all for that. This...
  10. beerbuddy

    My Tap runith dry

    Came home tonight and started to pour a pint when half way through I get all foam. I'm having my in-laws over for dinner and watch the Pats game Saturday and I'm out of drinkable beer. My stuff in secondary in still too green so I may have to buy some commercial brew for the tap. Only problem is...
  11. beerbuddy

    Will this Grain Mill work?

    I just finished my first AG batch this past Sunday and got about 70% efficiency out of my setup. My only gripe was the $2.50/# the LHBS charged me for the grain. I would like to start buying at least the base malt in bulk to cut down on the cost. Because at those prices it cost almost the...
  12. beerbuddy

    Anti-Boil over

    My first batch in my 30 qt turkey fryer was an extract kit with a 3 gallon boil and it boiled over several times. This last batch was an AG full 6.5 gallon boil with no problems. The diff was a little SS disk SWMBO got as a gift at a Pampered Chef party. Just place at the bottom of the brew pot.
  13. beerbuddy

    Cheap Mash Tun question

    Okay I’ve been bitten by the bug and after 2 extract batches I want to take my brewing to the next level. I have an old rectangular 48 quart cooler that I was thinking would make a great Mash Tun. But Then I read that if I’m only going to do 5 gallon batches that the grain bed would not be...
  14. beerbuddy

    Mass consumption

    Okay so I nave 2 brews under my belt. An IPA that is currently on tap and a Pete’s Wicked brown clone that is in primary. Wife likes these types but was wondering if something lighter can be brewed that you could drink more of. I’m not set up for fermenting a lager but my basement might be cool...
  15. beerbuddy

    Specialty grains

    How long will the specialty grains keep once the have been crushed? What is the best way to store them while waiting to brew?
  16. beerbuddy

    What next

    My First batch an I.P.A. from an ez-brew kit has been in the secondary for 2 weeks now and it’s time to bottle. Only problem is wife thinks it’s a waste of time bottling and wants me to go straight to keg. Now I need to scramble to get the right equipment and cost is an issue. I have a corney...