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  1. cheetrowe

    when to remove hops

    Hey everyone, I've always had this question but haven't asked it yet! Let's say we're dealing with a standard 1-2-3 hopping profile for a recipe, with the flavor hops going in at 30 min and the aroma hops going in at flameout or with 1 min left. I'm using a 25' copper immersion wort...
  2. cheetrowe

    Thermostat Seems Inaccurate

    Hi all, So I picked up an old chest freezer on Craig's List and a new Johnson Controls A419 temp controller from BrewInternational. I have my set temp at 65° and the differential at 1°, but temp on the controller has stayed around 50° today (won't go up to 65). I have had a lab...
  3. cheetrowe

    Deciding between Lagunitas UP A recipes

    Hey all, I'm going to do an all-grain clone of Lagunitas IPA, and I have two recipes--one from Szamatuliski's book Clone Brews and one from BYO magazine's special newsstand edition 250 Classic Clone Recipes. I'm sure either will be quite tasty, but just curious if anyone has experience with...
  4. cheetrowe

    Cooling Efficiency of Different Size Cold Plates?

    Hey everyone. I'm researching a 4-tap jockey box build and have a couple questions about the cold plate before I purchase. My first question is, do larger length and width cold plates cool more effectively than smaller ones? (for instance, a 10"x15" plate versus an 8"x12" plate; examples...
  5. cheetrowe

    Cheap Chest Freezer in Indianapolis

    I'm looking around for used chest freezers and came across this one for $28. I'm in NJ so it doesn't really help me (local pick-up only in Indianapolis). I don't know the seller or anything, just letting you guys know in the off chance that someone in the area is looking for one.