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  1. Ducky

    Good Beer of the month club?

    Cousins birthday is coming up and he is really starting to get into good beers. His girlfriend wants to get him a subscription to a beer of the month club so she asked me. And I have NO idea. Sure, I can google all the clubs. But it would be nice to get some personal experience.
  2. Ducky

    Using oak chips, chocolate, and vanilla for the first time

    I am brewing a chocolate bourbon porter right now, been in the primary for 6 days so far and its doing good (.006 above what beersmith said the FG will be). Once it goes into the secondary I will be adding some vanilla bean, chocolate, and the chips, I have questions on each. The recipe called...
  3. Ducky

    Need help finding a good recipe for a bourbon beer

    I want to start on a good winter brew now. I want it to be something warm, heavy, and high alcohol (around 10%). I was thinking I would try a bourbon stout, maybe add a small hint of chocolate to it. But I dont know where to begin. I looked through the recipe database here, but everything was...
  4. Ducky

    Fermentation in the secondary

    I am brewing a watermelon wheat beer. I racked the wort and yeast on top of a little bit of watermelon puree to boost the gravity, and let it ferment. My gravity has been at 1.014 for a few days now, no bubbles in the airlock, and the krausen was all but gone. So I transferred earlier today to...
  5. Ducky

    Second beer in the primary... and its carbonated

    This beer is completely different than my first beer. Its almost orange while my first beer was dark, the krausen is white and already receded while my first beer was brown and never receded, the gravity was 1.056 instead 1.030, DME instead of LME, and not a kit. Anyways, I just took a gravity...
  6. Ducky

    Question about going to a secondary

    My beer has finally settled down (after almost 3 weeks). Gravity readings are staying the same, no activity in the air lock. Some of you have told me to not secondary, is there any reason why? I dont care about how much work it is. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to leaving the beer sitting...
  7. Ducky

    super slow fermentation

    I put my beer in the primary last wednesday (10 days). At the peak, I got a bubble every 5 seconds. Right now I am getting one every 10 seconds. I took a gravity reading and I went from 1.030 to 1.022. Is it going to be able to be transferred to the secondary by the end of this week?