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  1. rtt121

    That mate who is too into his beer
  2. rtt121

    Stepping up yeast starters. What am I missing here?

    Good morning ladies and gents, I have a question hopefully someone can help me with. I have used BillyB's article regarding stepping up a yeast starter with great success. (Article) I am going to use an example to make explaining my question easier. I would like to brew 11 gallons of a...
  3. rtt121

    First Brew on New Rig. LIVE on Ustream

    If your bored at work or just have nothing better to do... I am brewing until about 1pm today on new HERMS rig I have been compiling that last few months. Brewing 11 gallons of Vanilla Porter
  4. rtt121

    Lots of electric lurking. Why so much BIAB?

    Seems like a lot of guys here are building or using controllers just to BIAB? To me the logical progression would be to get out of the bag.. then think about going electric and getting into controllers. Am I missing something?
  5. rtt121

    Thoughts on this blunder?

    I am getting married on the 18th. I haven't brewed at the pace I used to but I still do it. Promised the fiancee I would brew the wedding beer. I have BVIP, Rye IPA, Apfelwein, and Hefeweizen on the docket. The BVIP, IPA and Apples are all brewed and tasting great. The hefe I used to brew...
  6. rtt121

    Hurricane Sandy live from north Brigantine, NJ

    Hey everyone. It has been awhile since I have had the time to surf HBT but I have been evacuated and my office is closed. So I will probably doing much surfing in the coming days .... until I lose power ... Anyway. Before I left I set up a live ustream out of my back window pointed at my...
  7. rtt121

    WTB - Pliny the Elder

    Tired of waiting for this beer to show up in philly again. I will probably miss it when it does. Can anyone work with me on sending some pliney to NJ? I will pay for it, trade for it, pay for shipping etc...
  8. rtt121

    Pranking my LHBS.. AKA bored at work

    So me and they guy who runs the LHBS are pretty friendly... I decided to test his patience a bit with a hooch question... sent to his email: To whom it may concern, A friend of a friend mentioned that he buys beer brewing supplies from you. I live sort of local in Northfield. I...
  9. rtt121

    WTB or trade - Ginger Beer Plant. I am in NJ

    Anyone near South Jersey willing to part with a little of their GBP?
  10. rtt121

    Pastrami! This rival's any NYC deli

    I got into smoking meats a month or so ago... I have produced some really delicious meats so far. I think I am hooked. Anywho... I am huge pastrami fan... so I started to research how I to make it yourself.. there is not a ton of information out there. I compiled some recipe's and set out...
  11. rtt121

    HBT GiveawayThe Obligatory: You WON that?!?! thread. (Don't Hate Me)

    First and foremost, thank you TxBrew and everyone at HBT! A homebrewer's dream come true! :rockin: When I got my sticker in the mail, I didn't know what to do with it. I figured it would be perfect for something so I saved it....
  12. rtt121

    Cloud izing/ifying Beersmith!

    EDIT! Nostalgia pointed out a much better easier way to do this. I haven't had time to try it as I recently moved. Its as simple as creating a dropbox account. Copying and pasting your entire beersmith folder into drop box and then running the executable file from there. When I...
  13. rtt121

    Electric Kettle for frying?

    I know there is probably a great reason not to do this. After I get an element into my megapot, can I use it to heat frying oil for french fries and various other fryed favorites? So I guess a two part question: Would a 2000 watt element get frying oil hot enough? Assuming its only a...
  14. rtt121

    Unintentional debut into lambic/sours, with pics

    2 months ago I brewed a hefeweizen with this recipe. I splt the 5 gallons into 2 2.5 gallon beers. 1 I kegged up and and drank fresh, it was delicious, thanks Joe Dragon. The second 2.5 Gallons I racked on top of 5 pounds of halved cranberrys. I soaked the cranberrys in starsan before I...
  15. rtt121

    Question about my dryer outlet and a 3500watt element (w pictures)

    I have searched for a while now and can't seem to find the answer to this. I recently read jkarp's counter top brewery brutus 20 and I want to do something along those lines. I have most of what I need and this could be a great winter set up for me. I want to turn my 10 gallon mega pot...
  16. rtt121

    4 LHBS to choose from, 1 just took himself off the list

    This just is a rant because I am a little perturbed. Looking for some validation that I am not wrong here. First off, I have 4 LHBS that are all about equidistant away and I try to frequent them all because I want them all to stick around. They are all valuable to me because they are...
  17. rtt121

    Halloween party at a friends tonight, So i built this... overkill?

    Either way it is was kinda fun to put together. I just dont like picnic taps. The first one is the keg right now... (:-( im at work and my buddy sent me the pic). The second one is last night... I wanted to show the cooler where the beer lines are.
  18. rtt121

    First Lager, looking for critique/advice/tips Bohemian Pilz

    Prepare 8.87 gal water for brewing Amount Item Type 12.86 lb Pilsner (2 Row) UK (1.0 SRM) Grain 0.80 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain Protein Rest: Add 27.32 qt of water at 126.6 F 35 min - Hold mash at 122.0 F for 35 min 20 min Saccharification: Decoct 11.58 qt of mash...
  19. rtt121

    How often do you clean your fermentation freezer?

    Going to man up this evening and hop in the freezer for a deep bleach clean. After a good amount of time my freezer gets reallllly nasty. The walls of the freezer where the coils are get a lot of condensation, which collects at the bottom of the freezer. This over time creates a reallly...
  20. rtt121

    Not sure my Mash tun will hold all of this....

    I have taken some time off (not by choice, too busy at work) and am just getting back into brewing weekly. My first brew back I want to do 12 gallons of BVIP. The grain bill is 39.5 pounds. I have this calculated to about 13 gallons of Mash water. Here is what I am using for a mash tun...