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  1. Haputanlas

    Junga Hops

    Nice! I can finish my order now. Thanks
  2. Haputanlas

    Junga Hops

    Any update on this? It's only $5 a lb and am thinking of doing the same thing.
  3. Haputanlas

    Kolsch Gone Lacto Tastes Great- What Next?

    No need for a starter and slurry. Just throw some in. Those packets are pretty viable and aggressive.
  4. Haputanlas

    Kolsch Gone Lacto Tastes Great- What Next?

    How long has it been in primary? Or, how long did it take to go from 1.055 - 1.010? Giving it more time might do the trick (And the lacto might not be done either). If it's really stuck, I'd just throw another higher attenuating yeast. I typically just use Safale US-05 or the super yeast. US-05...
  5. Haputanlas

    Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale Clone

    Yeah, it's been on sale as a seasonal for the last couple years. The tour guide was not informed!! ;)
  6. Haputanlas

    What are you drinking now?

    Caffeine Free Cherry Coca Cola Zero
  7. Haputanlas

    Never Ending Word Thread

  8. Haputanlas

    Berliner Weiss

    Another update
  9. Haputanlas

    did i screw up my batch?

    Well, it will be hard to tell if anything will go wrong because of what happened. However, you've exposed the beer to a lot of oxygen after the fermentation which might cause oxidation. I'd suggest just continue as normal. Many beers that I thought I screwed up ended up very good.
  10. Haputanlas

    Berliner Weiss

    By the way, here is a quick pic (Ugly cell phone camera quality though). The beer is actually much clearer than what it looks like here.
  11. Haputanlas

    Berliner Weiss

    To be honest, I should have said "Max ABV". I didn't take a reading after the sour mash and before the Sach pitch. This is probably the only way to have truly known the ABV (Short of sending a sample for analysis). Since my sour mash was made by pitching uncrushed 2-row, Lactobacillus...
  12. Haputanlas

    What are you drinking now?

    She turned me into a newt
  13. Haputanlas

    What are you drinking now?

    Racer 5 Rodenbach classic My Berliner Weisse
  14. Haputanlas

    Berliner Weiss

    Got my first taste of this beer from a hydro sample. It's fantastic! I'll post a picture later today, but this ended up around 3.9%ABV and the perfect tart/sour level.
  15. Haputanlas

    Dark Mild Reaper's Mild, 1st place 2011 HBT Competition

    English Milds are not for everyone. Don't expect it to have as much body as a porter , Brown, or Amber. It's a session ale barely in the 3% ABV range. Now with that aside, it's still possible this could get better to your tastes with time. Just know that most sessions should be ready in a very...
  16. Haputanlas

    Berliner wiess

    I don't have much experience with lacto post sach fermentation. I use a sour mash to sour before heading into the fermenter. So, I use the normal session ale schedule (About 10-14 days). At that point I bottle/keg. For your situation, I'd give the lacto as much time as it needs and check in...
  17. Haputanlas

    Any yeasts with a minimal influence on the taste?

    Well, I always use Safale US-05 for clean tasting beers (Low on yeast character). However, this is not a low attenuating yeast as you suggested. This is the same strain as the WL 001. Just keep the fermentation temps below 65 and it will be very very clean.
  18. Haputanlas

    Consistent off flavor or infection?

    Definitely steer away from the tap water. I've done this with Campden tablets as well and still had many off-flavors. I now use a Carbon filter and Campden tablets. There's still a slightly noticeable flavor that comes from using this water that you wouldn't get from using bottled water. I'm...