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  1. Greenbasterd

    Super Auto Bottle filler

    has anybody ever heard of one of these things? i got one for free yesterday along with a bunch of other goodies!!!! woohooo anyway i got a funky looking thing called the SUPER auto bottle filler. has anybody ever used one of these? is it worth using...
  2. Greenbasterd

    kombucha question

    Hey guys not sure if there are any kombucha experts here but ill throw it out there. bought a scoby off ebay, i think i read it was previously frozen in a starter tea, anyways i got it. maid a green tea added sugar then put the scoby + starter tea in, its been about a week. but from the...
  3. Greenbasterd

    1500w water heaters for liquor tank?

    does anybody have any experience using a 120v 1500w hot water heater for heating up a hot liquor tank to say 170f? im thinking of using a SS 32L stock pot installing a ball valve and a 1500w water heater. the heater wouldn't need to actually heat the water as i could do that on a flame and...
  4. Greenbasterd

    Instant Bubbling!!

    hey guys, so i brewed a batch of coopers Canadian blonde yesterday. added brew enhancer 1 and about 1 1/2 cups of light DME i had leftover.. then added another 1/2 cup dextrose for aliitle more ABV. i boiled the BE1, DME and dextrose for a about 10 mins just to kill germs. so got all that...
  5. Greenbasterd

    spigot height

    what is a good height to install a spigot valve on a fermentor to avoid trub?
  6. Greenbasterd

    airlock driped into fermentor

    so just like the title says some of old ass stale water from the airlock driped into my brew which im kegging tomoro!!!!! is this serious? or should i not worry about it?