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  1. Kobainisalive

    Coffee Stout Fermentation Help

    Last night I brewed a 1.090 imperial stout with 3oz of grounmd coffee at flame out. I had quite a bit of coffee come through in the transfer to the fermenter. Is this going to cause a lot of problems? Took a look at it this morning and I have a layer of black sludge of top of the beer and zero...
  2. Kobainisalive

    Water Help

    I contacted my local water treatment plant to get a water report and I was met with people who seemed like I was completely putting them out and they were very reluctant to give me any information but here is what they gave me. Alkalinity 115 Bicarbonate 115 Calcium Sulfate 27 Chloride 0...
  3. Kobainisalive

    A few labels

  4. Kobainisalive

    Gravity question

    I'm doing a Stone IRS clone my OG was 1.100 it has been in primary for 6 days and the airlock is bubbling once every 10sec. Or so and the gravity right now is 1.040 and my target is 1.020. Am I on the right track. How much longer should I leave it in primary before moving to secondary? I used 2...