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    Italian wild boar salami

    you see that is what I have been trying to tell everyone here... we don't use pink salt or any other starters … just 3% salt, natural casing and some pepper... everyone says im going to die but my family is form Italy and they have been doing this as long as my grand father can remember
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    my zio use to live in your home town... I think I was trying to ask if you make Cotechino? Very nice to meet you thank you for your information.
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    Are you an Alpini?
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    Do you make “ muzet” excuse my spelling my Italian is poor but as a child after we butchered the pig all the left overs went into a salami casing and they were boiled to eat! I loved it
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    Dry aged pork loin

    You need a YouTube video showing us how it done start to Finnish
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    Prosciutto crudo di Cuneo

    Nice to see you don5 use additional chemicals only family is from the Monte Grappa area of Italy...we still make sopressa without added chemicals but as you said above. The age of the pig and what it was feed make a big difference! Here in Canada it’s hard to find pigs older then 3...
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    Dry Curing Sausage

    All very complicated....i cure for a few weeks then press them....old family trick no additives...just 3% course salt some pepper then vacuum seal and leave in fridge....we do this between November and February as we live in Vancouver, British Columbia and the temperatures of our win3 cellar are...
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    Curing salami with salt only?

    I should have read the article before replying the first one...very I'm scared to eat my damp salami I've been eating for a
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    Curing salami with salt only?

    Hey thanks for taking the family has been doing this for generations...nothing but salt...I don't want to argue but recently I went back to Italy and found they were doing it the same... Closest thing I could find online someone was using celery powder of some kind ...don't quote me...
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    Curing salami with salt only?

    Sorry if this is a repost...I've searched but this is my time on this website My family are immigrants to Canada from Italy. Every year they make home made salami, sopressa, sausages and a boiled salami ( basically all the waste goes in there...freeze it until you want to it...