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  1. Opiate42

    Getting licensing and a math problem

    Hey gang, I'm trying to get licensed to sell my Hebrew at some cafes and restaurants in town and the gov has asked for a % breakdown of our beer ingredients in the final beer itself. An example I've seen breaks down like this: Water 88% Malt 8% Hops 3% Yeast 1% But what I don't understand is...
  2. Opiate42

    Prancing Pony sign

  3. Opiate42

    Which mesh size for hop spider?

    Complete necro #2: same question and same problem. Looking for advice on size to get. Can't decide between 300 and 800. 400 seems hard to find.... :/
  4. Opiate42

    Malt Detective: unknown coffee malt

    Ok so time for some followup! It is NOT Cararoma. Picked some up a while back and it's grain colour is close but munching the malt the flavour is not like chewing espresso beans like my stuff. Whipped up my brew with it, colour is lighter and flavour is smooth but coffee is absent...
  5. Opiate42

    Malt Detective: unknown coffee malt

    Interesting, never knowingly used Cararoma or Viking, will keep a look out for them thanks!
  6. Opiate42

    Malt Detective: unknown coffee malt

    Hey folks! I have a malt here, creamy brown colour and has a delicious espresso flavour to it. End result in the beer is a wonderful smooth flavour and mouth feel. Only have about 100g left and afraid to use it before I figure out what it really is. Got it from a friend but they don't...
  7. Opiate42

    Mash Tun Size for 25 Gallon Batches?

    Hey Folks! So I'm terrible at searching (and that maths thingy) and sure this has been answered somewhere already. But have a question on mash tun size. We're looking to upgrade to 20-25 gallon batches using a stainless steel mash tun and currently have a 70qt coleman cooler as a mash tun...
  8. Opiate42

    1 gallon batches to test recipes

    Hi! Welcome to the club. Yep, Yep, Nope. Started off on 1 gallons and still do them to trial a recipe, 5 gallons of crap is a shame. The x5 or \5 rule works fine for me, and I basically round down or up to the ounce when dealing with hops if scaling up the grams means 0.972 ounces...
  9. Opiate42

    Bottled Too Soon? Results Below.

    Been there done that too. :p
  10. Opiate42

    Filtering Out Hops

    Egad yah been there. I don't have a bucket with a spigot so use a siphon. Trust me, never wrap cheese cloth around the bottom of the siphon to act as a filter. It's a bad thing. :p Ended up oxidizing a batch of a ginger IPA I made for a buddies wedding, about half the bottles went off before...
  11. Opiate42

    Growing Hops in Ecuador

    So how are the rhizomes coming along?
  12. Opiate42

    American IPA Himalayan IPA

    Hope so!! :D The scene is small but growing. Still in it's infancy. There are some decent places like Plan B and Bandido in Quito, but it's not really caught on yet and everyone still pretty much just drinks Pilsner (which is shyte at best but still better than BMC)
  13. Opiate42

    Why All The Procrastination?

    For me it's a combination of time, space, and resources. The lack thereof.
  14. Opiate42

    Alabama regulators propose rule requiring craft brewers to collect data on customers

    Somehow I doubt that, smacks to me of something the BMC companies are likely sponsoring in the background. The rule specifies "in-state" and "brewpubs", local production only. So anything produced out of state and brought in is evidently excluded. The big guys don't want local small-brewer...
  15. Opiate42

    Brewing while drinking beer.....

    Pretty much from the moment I start the setup cleaning and I don't stop until after post-brew cleanup.
  16. Opiate42

    American IPA Himalayan IPA

    Going to be doing the same pretty soon going to and from Ecuador. Lots of fun I imagine :D
  17. Opiate42

    House Beer

    Two actually: Dark lager with a touch of cocoa Mostly 2-row, some chocolate malt, carahell, and carafoam. Fuggle and Hallertau Mit at 60 and 30, some wirfloc, and cocoa powder in the boil. S-23 or W34/70 depending on what I have on hand. Pretty crushable but sometimes add extra dark...
  18. Opiate42

    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Non-brewing related: House hunting Apartment cleaning Packing packing packing Brewing related: picking up about 10lbs of peaches to peel, pit and freeze for a batch of peach wheat later this year.
  19. Opiate42

    Tap water or filtered bottle water?

    Live in Toronto, ph is usually around 5.4 from what I can gather. Mostly do 1 gallon batches so don't bother with campden tabs. But eventually will when I can upgrade my gear. I started with bottled spring water and the beers were meh... was ok but noting stand out. Then using tap water...
  20. Opiate42

    What's your next brew? Why?

    Two: A dark lager and a peach wheat for our wedding coming up :D