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    I don't think it is fair to generalize about crabapples in cider. I have been using variety Dolgo for several years. It is a sharp-sweet. As a varietal cider it is pretty much undrinkable due to high acidity, but at 10-20% it perks up otherwise flaccid blends. I also have variety Chestnut, which...
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    What apple is this?

    Wait, your yield from 100 apples, at 5 oz each equals ~32 lbs, is only 1 gallon? That seems quite low in my experience. My very young trees gave me 45 lbs of apples this year, from which I squeezed 4 gallons, so call it 11 lbs of apples per gallon juice. Lets call the juice water, at 8 lbs per...
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    Hard Cider Club - Metro Detroit??

    Wasn't planning to toss the high acid batch. It is the high SO2 batch that is a possibility. Lots of options for the high acid batch.
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    Hard Cider Club - Metro Detroit??

    see post #2 above.
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    Hard Cider Club - Metro Detroit??

    Hey neighbors! Thought I'd try to 'pitch' this thread by reporting on my recent fermentations. I did 4 batches of 15+/- gallons each this year for a total of about 60 gallons. Two batches were chaptalized for ~12-13% 'wine'. The other two were not, with potential alcohol around 7-8%. Several...
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    Hard Cider Club - Metro Detroit??

    I'm a bit farther out (Lansing area) but would be interested to at least listen in and participate when I can. Thanks for suggesting it Brian!
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    Carbonating on the bottle please help

    FG=final gravity, the specific gravity at which your fermentation stops.