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    Great Divide 15th Anniversary DIPA recipe?

    I am mainly looking for ideas on the hopping schedule and oak blend. The brewery does not give out ideas. Any help is appreciated. On a related note- if anyone has a Wooden Hell recipe, that would also be helpful.
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    Surly Bender Clone?

    Anyone have a good recipe for this? Thanks!
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    I might be getting one just like this for a very cheap price. I am looking to convert it the same way people do with mini fridges (into a larger compartment). Any idea if this would work for a cabinet (well-insulated) sized about 6' x 4' x 4'? Any idea whether it would be possible to cut off the...
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    Lots of diacetyl, techniques for correcting?

    My buddy and I made a Maibock. I think we did our diacetly rest too early, and then started lagering. It smelled and tasted good as it went into the secondary for lagering, but after two months, it smelled like butterscotch. We decided to keg it and let it sit at room temp, but not much of a...
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    Will this cooling unit work?

    I am trying to find out if anyone with HVAC knowledge can evaluate this piece of equipment- The tech support from the surplus website did not know anything, and were unable to help. I want to know if this could cool a small, contained and well...
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    Sour Mashing?

    I have been reading about the sour mash technique. Does anyone know if (when done properly) sour mashing can reduce the very long secondary fermentation required for Brett/ Lacto in Flanders Reds, Old Ales, etc.? If so, how long do you let the secondary go? Thanks!
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    Best Refrigeration Unit for a Ferm. Chamber?

    *This is a repost in DIY from Equipment (I realized it probably belongs here and it was not getting responses there). I have read all of the threads I can find on fermentation chambers (and seen all of the pictures of the awesome builds people have done, SOF, Fermoire, Walk-ins, etc.). Some...
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    Best Refrigeration Unit for a Ferm. Chamber

    I have read all of the threads I can find on fermentation chambers (and seen all of the pictures of the awesome builds people have done, SOF, Fermoire, Walk-ins, etc.). Some folks used Mini-fridges (stripped out guts or the open fridge build), some used AC units. I saw some conversation about...
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    Which kettle is the best kettle?

    I need a new and larger kettles. We had an economy stainless steel kettle that is starting to burn inside when we do batches. We have managed to keep it's effects negligible, but I would like to stop worrying about it. I am looking for comparisons between MegaPot, Boilermaker and Polarware...
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    Yeast Starter Temp

    I just made a starter last night with some British Ale Yeast II (wyeast). I stuck it in a dark place and thought it would be fine temperature wise. I checked on it this morning, and the temp was at 80F! I don't know how long it was that high, but I cooled it and it will hopefully be lower for...
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    Nut Brown Ale hops

    My buddy and I brewed a Nut Brown Ale using Premiant, and really liked the flavor. But now NB is out, and we need a replacement. Is Glacier a good replacement? Has anyone tried Simcoe or Mt. Hood in a brown ale (amount reduced for the higher AA's)? Thanks for your help.
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    TAD or Mini Keg to replace conditioning?

    My buddy and I need to brew a batch that will have about 5 weeks of primary and secondary fermentation. We normally feel that at least 3 weeks are necessary for bottle conditioning, but will be serving this beer around the time the secondary fermentation will finish. We were thinking of getting...
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    Cans on Plane?

    I assume that cans wouldn't make it through a flight, but has anybody tried it before? Any experiences or knowledge that suggest it is possible, or a terrible idea? Thanks.
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    Substitute for Premiant?

    My friend and I recently brewed a nut brown ale and used 1 oz of Premiant (divided into three additions at 60, 45, 30). The brew store is out now and we are brewing a second batch. This one will have maple and pecan in it. Any suggestions on what hop should replace Premiant? Thanks.
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    Portland breweries/brewpubs

    Hey all, I am heading out to Portland for a week and want to visit some good brewpubs and tour some good breweries. What are people's favorites in the Pacific Northwest for either pubs or brew tours (and do you have any specific beer recommendations)? Thanks!
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    Oak chips

    I am going to oak part of a stout batch. I have some oak chips, and wanted to know the proper method for using them. Do I need to use hard alcohol to sanitize them? Is there another method of making sure they are bacteria-free? Thanks.
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    Cacao Nibs

    I am going to add some cacao nibs to a stout for a bit. Do they need to be soaked in alcohol to sterilize them? Is there any specific process that I should use to add them (i.e. grind them), or should I just rack on top of them in the secondary? How many oz's should I use for a pronounced...
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    Dextrose priming alternatives

    What are some recommendations for alternatives to dextrose? We don't have any undermented wort, so krausening is out. Does candi sugar work for priming, and how much should I use for a 5 gal batch? Thanks.
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    Priming sugars

    Does anyone know if cane juice has enough unfermemntable sugars in it to prime with? I have a cocoa mix that is just cocoa powder and evaporated cane juice and would love to use it in place of regular priming sugar for a chocolate stout.
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    Priming with Cocoa powder

    My friend and I are making a chocolate truffle stout and we were wondering how it would work to prime with cocoa powder. We have unsweetened, which would not work I'm guessing, and this Hot Cocoa Mix that is cocoa powder and cane sugar. Any ideas?