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    It is Cinco de Mayo - Best Margarita recipe?

    Lets hear em. I have to go to the store to get some supplies and want to make a margarita that is going to blow my mind tonight. At one time we just bought the pre-made stuff (terrible IMO - but easy) - I have tried a few recipes and have never been blown away like at some restaurants...
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    My computer is jacked

    Thanks for iPhones. Without it I would be completely helpless right now. My computer randomly bonked today. I can get it in safe mode. Ran norton 360. Couldn't fix it. I tried googling but it is really hard to find what i need on this phone. Is there another tool that I can run that will...
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    Help with Google. IT guys please help.

    Long story short. My mom has a Calligraphy business. She is not tech savvy so she traded with a guy a few years ago some wedding invitations in exchange for the creation and hosting of a website for her. Fast-forward to today. He notified her that she needed to host her site because he was...
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    Are there different "types" of IPA's

    If you asked me I would say that I do not like IPA's. My experience has been microbrews and commercial examples. They were always extremely bitter and they always tasted like fresh lawn clippings (which I can't stand). Then I tried DFH 90 min and Bell's Hopslam (recommended at store...
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    More malt flavor?

    I am relatively new to brewing. My beer have gotten to the point that they are very delicious but they seem to be a little "thin." Not sure it that is the correct word - but they are lacking in the malt taste department. They all have flavor but I would like a maltier beer. Do I need to...
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    Weird Phenomenon.

    Ever since I started homebrewing I can't catch a buzz from "commercial" alcohol. I am not brewing or drinking "BIG BEERS" Right now I am drinking a Deception Cream Stout that is 5.1% ABV & Ed Worts Pale Ale that is 5.3 ABV. The Apfelwien is pretty stiff 9.1 ABV but we drink that few and far...
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    I almost gave up brewing.

    I started brewing over the summer after first watching Beer Wars and then reading through Homebrewing for Dummies. I always drank BMC's (including what I thought was a craft beer Blue Moon). Wanting to brew what I was accustomed to, my first batch was an all-grain Miller Lite clone using a...
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    How long do you put your bottles in the fridge before drinking?

    I usually just put them in the day of, or the day before. A few weeks ago I loaded the fridge up and drank a few at a time. After a week or so the beer got really good and I even noted to my wife that an aftertaste that had been present was gone. Fast forward to this Sunday. I added more...
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    Sparging at 155F instead of 170F?

    I don't understand what the extra 15 degrees accomplishes. What would happen?
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    Where do you get your tires?

    My wife's car needs new tires. I am pricing everything out now and I never realized what a PITA this was. Some have cheaper tires but bend you over the barrel on the install and various other fees. I am debating ordering online or going to a shop around here. Where did you get your last set...
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    Can you make Hawaiian Punch wine?

    My wife and I were scoping out the juice isle for ideas for our next batch of wine. Were going through all the exotic fruits and my wife spots Hawaiian Punch and asks if I can make wine out of it because it will be perfect for when her sister comes over (her sister literally drinks 1/2 a gallon...
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    Anyone know the OG of Apple Juice?

    Without sugar / dextrose added. I measured mine after I added my sugar per Ed Wort's Apfelwein recipe. I would like Mott's 100% apple juice if possible; but any OG's without sugar will do as I am looking for a range so that I don't over sweeten. Thanks in advance!
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    Sugar and Gravity

    How much sugar per gallon does it take to raise gravity by any amount? In other words. If I add one pound of sugar (sucrose) to one gallon; how many gravity points will that pound of sugar add to the OG? I thought this would be easy to find, but I have been looking all over the...
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    Beer Tasters?

    I am hoping that the certified taste testers can help me. What I am talking about is when you are tasting a drink and you take a small sip. While the liquid is in your mouth you kind of bat your lips and roll the liquid over your tongue. Is there a technical term for method? The best...
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    All Grain without a tun?

    My first all-grain. Can I do an all grain without using a tun? I have a feeling that I am over thinking this. I was thinking of making a 3 gallon batch using all grain, 5 gallon stew pot and grain bag and using a method similar to DeathBrewer's "Easy Partial Mash Brewing" tutorial. Utilizing...