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  1. jcc4507fly

    Which relays for BCS... SSR vs. DPDT

    I've been reading here and else where on the web and think I have a grasp just want some confirmation. I'm looking to expand my BCS-462 usage from just the hot side of the Brewery to also controlling my Keezer & also my ferm chiller. At this point I intend to add 3 relays, one for Keezer...
  2. jcc4507fly

    Electric Bottom Draining, 3 keggle, 2 pump, E-HERMS

    Well after a lot of planning and reading on this Forum, I finally got my Eletric EHERMS setup going. I'd like to thank everyone for their input. It's been fun building this up and many bumps along the way, as well as $$$$. However I couldn't be happier than I am with this setup. Shout out to...
  3. jcc4507fly

    Rewiring a top bottom fridge to use as a fermenter chamber

    Does anyone have experience or know how of how to wire up a fridge and bypass the circuit board? My GE circuit board recently fried and the fridge is junk without. I was considering using a STS 1000 dual controller to rewire the fridge, just not sure if I would need more to this circuit? Any...