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    Where to get Perlick Parts?

    I have recently acquired some Perlick 425 brass faucets and I would like to get replacement spouts that match the faucet. Reason being one of my faucets has a broken spout (plastic). I would like to get the matching brass spout to replace the plastic ones. Does anyone know where I can find...
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    Temp Controller Help

    I have a Ranco dual stage temp controller for my freezer. But for some reason it will not turn on my freezer. It reads the temp properly and I can hear the controller kick on, but my freezer's compressor does nothing. any ideas?
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    Secondary Fermentation With Fruit?

    I am about to dry hop and add fruit to one of my batches. My question is, is it OK to add the fruit and dry hops direciry to the primary fermenter or should I transfer to a secondary to add the fruit and dry hops?
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    PEX Pipe For Wort Chiller?

    Would PEX pipe be safe to use as a wort chiller? I am thinking about trying it out as it seems pretty cheap. I can get 1/2" x 100' of pipe for about 20 bucks. Would this work or would it leach some sort of plasticly flavor or chemicals into the wort? Thanks
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    BIAB IPA Help

    I am wanting to try out a BIAB session and was thinking about making an IPA. I have been reading and reading different recipes and formulas for creating beers, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around how this is all done. So I thought I would come to the beer gods and ask. Now I know...
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    Help Fermentation Problems

    Ok the weather has been very cold here the last two weeks and I think that it has defiantly affected my fermentation process. I am fermenting an amber ale so Im assuming that the temp. should be in the 65-70 degree range. I dont know exactly how cold it has gotten in my house but I know that...
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    Questions about fermentation?

    Hi Guys, Been reading the forums for a while now, and recently decided to get my feet wet. I brewed my first batch on monday. I have a couple of questions though. First, I did not take any readings with my hydrometer like I probably should have, but the instructions that I received never...