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  1. BBKing

    Central Illinois group buy

    I'm wondering if anyone in central Illinois is interested in a bulk grain group buy. I've never set one up before, but to avoid paying $60 for a 50# bag of grain I'll give it a shot. If interested, please post.
  2. BBKing

    IPA recipe critique help

    Hey everyone, I just finished coming up with an IPA recipe using nothing but a pen, calculator, and Ray Daniels book "Designing Great Beers". So...I was hoping that anyone with BeerSmith or something wouldnt mind plugging my recipe in and seeing what it says. And any other critiques are...
  3. BBKing

    Fall beer ideas

    Its time to start thinking about good fall beers. Before long the leaves will change color and weenie roasts will be aplenty. What is in your fermentor for fall? Hit me with some ideas.
  4. BBKing

    New Notty packaging

    I saw in the recent Zymurgy that Windsor has new packing for their yeast, which of course includes Notty. Is the jury out on this? Can I now officially trust Notty again? I'm not trying to start a flamewar, and its worth being said that I used to love Notty before 2 major probs in about a...
  5. BBKing

    Just found out I'm in a magazine today

    Got a text message from my buddy this morning at 2 A.M. He works second shift and was looking through a paintballing magazine called "Jungle". Flipping through it when he came across an article about a tournament we all went to last last May in Joilet IL ("Living Legends" at CPX field). He was...
  6. BBKing

    $65 an hour? WTF?

    Got my computer back from the tech place earlier today. Looked at the bill and it was just over $160. So I took a look at everything to make sure there wasnt a mistake or anything. $65 a ****ing hour? A whole hour and a half worth of work. You're ****ing kidding me right!? Yes, the math...
  7. BBKing

    Great start to the weekend

    One of those weekends for this brewer I suppose: At work we have 2 temp workers going after 1 full time position spot. One guy isnt a worker at all..just plays with his phone and wanders around. The other, is a worker. And I mean the guy busts his ass daily. So its no huge decision on who I...
  8. BBKing

    Full volume AG dry run

    I just gave up with my "dry run" with my AG setup. I had planned on boiling in my 15.5 gal keg using my Bayou Classic SP-50. Two issues: 1. I put the flame as high as I was comftrable with. Even though it wasnt maxed out I had flames coming out of the burner and running up the side of...
  9. BBKing

    Grain absorption question

    Next weekend I will be doing my first all grain batch. I'm brewing MWS's Irish Red ale with a grain bill of 10lbs. 4 oz. According to their instructions they say 1.25 quarts per pound of grain for the mash, then a half gallon per pound for the sparge. After quickly calculatiing that comes out...
  10. BBKing

    Partial Mashing worth it?

    Hey guys, Been brewing extract for 2 years now. Kind of getting old knowing I could have more control over my beer for a small investment. I'm just wondering if Partial Mashing is worth it in your opinion. Is there a huge difference in the beer or should I skip that step and go 100% AG...
  11. BBKing

    Son of a gun!

    Just a quick venting of my frustrations on 2 ruined batches this year: 3-4 months ago I brewed a Brewers Best American Amber Ale kit. I used my usual techniques (2.5 gal boil, proper hop schedule, irish moss proper ferm temp) and ended up with a funky smelling (almost like rotten fruit but...
  12. BBKing


    So my brother is now engaged, happened last night. I have permission to brew up 2 Five gallon batches for the reception. What the Masshole doesnt realize is that I will brew 2 five gallon batches for the reception and then am planning to also brew a five gallon batch of Mead for their own...
  13. BBKing

    My rented home (a rant)

    In late August of last year, SWMBO and I found this neato 2 bedroom house w/ a decent sized backyard complete with a already planted garden (pumpkin, peppers, tomatoes and something I didnt recognize) and a pretty spacious one car garage. Rent was a little high, but we need room for our child...
  14. BBKing


    While I was at work today, I happened to be outback in "The Scrapyard" cleaning crap up as a CAT boss will be in the shop on June 1st. While moving a couple barrels with the skid, lo and behold! I found 2 kegs in decent condition. One was a Miller Lite keg with a volume of around 15 gallons...
  15. BBKing

    Whos studying their nuts off?

    EMT final tomorrow. Awesomeness. Final assesments were yesterday. I did pretty well though I was pretty disappointed that it was all medical stuff. Absolutely zero trauma. WTF? I wouldnt usually be stressed about this, as I know I'll pass but up until I got an 80% on a test last week I had...
  16. BBKing

    Green Beer can equal great!

    So I've been trying to work on my patience a bit and let my bottles sit more than a week before a break into 1 (or 2!) I bottled Midwest Supplies Hop Head IIPA a MERE 4 DAYS AGO and had a buddy over who I dont see very often who wanted to try it. Being one to not say no, I ogliged him and...
  17. BBKing

    Any HBT'ers that paintball?

    I've been paintballing bout as long as I've been brewing. While I dont get to do it nearly as much as I'd like, its still great to get out and waste some mofo's. Problem is that at the nearest field here tends to be a ton of 10 year olds that come out for birthday parties that dont get the...
  18. BBKing

    WTB: Immersion Wort Chiller

    Just realized that I have a major need for an immersion wort chiller so I thought I'd try snagging a used one before looking anywhere else. Anyone who doesnt have a need and is interested in selling their old wort chiller can name their price assuming its reasonable. I'm also willing to pay...
  19. BBKing

    Its go time

    Bringing the temp up on my mash water for my first AG batch. :rockin: I had a horrible horrible dream last night that I screwed this up. So I quickly double checked my volume math and did a last "sanitation look-over". I'm ready as I'll ever be!:mug:
  20. BBKing

    A small problem

    So I'm doing my first AG batch this weekend :ban: and figure since I'm taking the extra time to brew the beer I may as well pay more attention to pitching rate. My problem is that I dont have any malt extract to make a starter with and wont be able to make it to the LHBS to pick some up, so...