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    American Amber Ale Red Rye Ale

    Brewing this right now. Upped the recipie to 8 gallons. Doing 5 gallons with a kolsch yeast, and 3 with English ale yeast. First time I split a batch with 2 yeast. Should be interesting to see the difference.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Not right now,but last night I was sucking down some tasty altenmunster octoberfest at the Germany pavilion at Epcot.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Had originally planed an IPA. But the kolsch I brewed in September turned out awesome and is almost gone. I want some for the Superbowl so remade that recipient. 10 gallons this time.
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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    Well the keg is almost gone. Manage to pull 3 bottles off keg. Plan on sending them to a competition. Getting ingredients together for a 10 gallon batch of this going for super bowl.
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    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    Just make sure the bucket is food grade. Your good to go.
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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    Tasty, Tasty water.
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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    I washed the yeast from this batch and the kits are under $21. Cheap but good. My kind of beer.
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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    This one is only 4.3 abv, but goes down really easy. I will make sure I have at least 10 gallons of this ready for next summer.
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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    I brewed up a midwest brewing cologne kolsch the begining of september. It was in primary for about three week and in cold storage since. Carbed it up this last week and pulled a pint yesterday. Super clear, crisp, clean, and great flavor. The problem is I cant stop hitting the keg. This...
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    how to calculate required aging time for bigger beers

    Look up the yeast on the companies web site. They list the alcohol tollerence for each strain.
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    Primary sample not great

    I mostly quit trying the samples. Because I never liked them. Thy dry bitter taste is most likely suspended yeast. I recently did try my batch of centennial blonde from primary. Still cloudy from suspended yeast. Thought batch was bad. Really dry and bitter. Cold crash then carved...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    5 gallon of beirmunchers centennial blonde. By tommorow noon there should be 5 gallons of kolsch sitting next to it.
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    new grain mill - fifty pound sack suggestion.

    Yeah, I'm thinking a bag of rahr and then pick up the specialty grains in small quantities at the lhbs.
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    new grain mill - fifty pound sack suggestion.

    I just got a mill and am looking for suggestion for a 50 lb sack of grain . I brew mostly pale ales, IPA, or lighter lagers. Are some of cheaper 2 rows like rahr any good.
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    Making beer from snow

    Just a note on chilling with snow. Just setting the pot in the snow doesnt work very well. The snow melts around it you dont really get the cooling you want. Ive put the pot in the sink with a mix of water and snow and it works great. I keep draining a litle water and adding more snow...
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    Dark Horse Brewery - Thumbs up

    Tried the Plead the fifth imperial stout I bought. Pretty good right out of the fridge, but awesome once it warmed up a little. Couldnt taste any of the 11% ABV. Quite smooth and roasty. Very good.
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    Dark Horse Brewery - Thumbs up

    This last weekend I was dropping my son off for an overnight college visit and found myself staying in a hotel in marshall,mi. Pulled out the phone to look for a place to eat, and up pops the brewery. I headed over there and noticed they had a homebrew shop, so I stopped in there first...
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    It's official, I'm having heart surgery on Feb, it's real now.

    I heard he died and is a zombie now. Walk, drag left foot. Saying Braaaains.... I mean BEEEEEEER.....
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    My Thermometer sucks

    It wasnt really a cheap thermometer, but was digital. I will be going back to the ones I know work. Or at least have a couple of thermometers around to verify with.
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    My Thermometer sucks

    Ive made a few lousy all grain batches lately. Really thin and watery, and I couldnt figure out why. My last batch I went back to extract and it was fairly decent. I tried to figure out why those AG batches sucked so much so I started reviewing my process, nothing had really changed. Then...