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    Too many cinnamon sticks?

    I just brewed my Christmas Ale... a stout with brown sugar and cinnamon (1 stick per gallon). the boil reeked up the entire neighborhood with cinnamon (last 10 minutes) and the wort tasted extremely bitter. After 1 week in primary, it is tasting DELICIOUS.. strong, but not at all overbearing...
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    Computer controlled Yeast "In an amazing but slightly weird world first, scientists have formed a feedback loop between common, baking and brewing yeast, and a computer. The computer can trigger the yeast to produce a protein, and the yeast...
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    Frozen Yeast Starter not Fermenting

    freezing any biological thing kills it... except for some very rare exceptions (some kind of frog exists that basically has anti-freeze in its blood - but then, it's not freezing, is it). Ice crystals form, expand, and like a million little daggers, perforates cell membranes. If you have a...
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    refrigerator or upright freezer

    some upright freezers have the cooling elements integrated into the shelving, rendering them immobile, and thus unusable for your application. So make sure ALL of the shelving is configurable and the cooling lines are not integrated in them.
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    Carbonator clone opportunity

    how do you get it off and then cap the bottle without loosing the presurization? Or do you have to leave it on, chill it, and then swap it out quickly for a cap once the co2 is absorbed?
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    Curious about BMC drinkers and their taste

    I would NEVER do this... but maybe try putting a bud label on a homebrew and see what the BMCer says.
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    Spilled beer: what happened?

    FAA regulations require pressurization on any flight climbing above 10,000 feet (that would be just about any commercial flight you take). The cabins are generally pressurized at a relative atmosphere of 7,000 feet. So, the pressure differential is not nearly that much (but certainly enough...
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    Not happy with results

    If you followed the instructions then you prolly were mislead into rushing the process. Most of those instructions that come with the kits indicate 3-4 days in primary, then drink. That is terrible. 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary (or bottle conditioned) is pretty minimum.
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    brew pot question

    sophisticated gear required... A stick. Pour a measured gallon of water in your pot, stick the stick in, and mark the water line. put another gallon in, repeat.
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    is my starter still ok?

    be reassured... you are prolly fine.. as long as it smells yeasty and not rotten.
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    How to educate the uninformed

    Tell him it will taste alot more like bud after he is done processing what he already drank.
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    I like Dominicans, in general, the best with beer. Specifically, anything from Arturo Fuentes.. my favorite being the "Short Story" from the Hemingway series. It's the perfect ring size and length for a pint (or maybe two).
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    How does yeast starter affect OG?

    Your FG should be closer to 20.. .24 hours for your yeast starter prolly was not enough to get maximum attenuation, though. The added ABV from the starter will most likely be negligible (less than 0.1%)
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    Girly Beer

    It is a dry irish stout, by category. "Stout" is a subset of porter. All dark beers of that type are porters... stout, extra stout, are all modifiers of the term porter. I merely expressed my opinion that it barely makes the grade extra stout (porter), therefore should not really be...
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    Anyone been to the virgin islands?

    wait, what? there are islands with virgins? Gotta get me a boat.
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    Girly Beer

    no offense, but you do realize that guinness IS a girly, light beer, right? It has less calories than American Lagers and has almost no body, for a porter (no, it's not really a stout). That said, my wife has excellent taste in beer, but she likes guinness also. I don't think it is bad at...
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    All Grain Pumpkin Ale Problems - Help!

    we would need to know the exact amounts of each ingredient to know for sure, but there is little chance that you added enough brown sugar to 3 gallons of wort to yield an OG of 1.085. Also, unless you used a ginormous yeast starter, and used bionic yeast, I doubt you got 1.085 down to 1.010 in...
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    Wow! Hard to believe.....

    Most of your CO2 was in the neck of the bottle, causing the eruption. You need to chill the bottle for AT LEAST 24 hours to allow the CO2 to be absorbed into the beer itself. So, after a couple of hours, the beer might be cool or cold, but the CO2 has only begun to dissolve into solution.
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    Yeast Raft Question

    I find that the process of racking to a secondary causes the rafts to wick to the sides of the primary.. .and I never get any in secondary. One good trick is to suspend the racking cane an inch above the yeast cake to prevent sucking any up. Just before sucking air, tilt the fermentor and move...
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    Cleaning Equipment

    Gentlemen, Put the bleach back in the laundry room and walk away. Just walk away. The reason I said to rinse whatever cleaner you choose to use is because it is not designed to sanitize, so you lose nothing by rinsing with tap water. There is nothing to gain by not rinsing it out (even if it...