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    Reusing Starsan Question

    I've done some searching but can't seem to find a definate answer. I bottled yesterday using a starsan for the first time that I mixed it up with RO water in a 1 gallon milk jug. I also picked up a bottle sanitizer that worked amazing and more than halved the time it previously took to...
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    Washed yeast and flocculation

    So I just finished bottling a hoppy mild ale (3.2% abv), and it was quite cloudly even though its been sitting for 6 weeks. Here's a bit of background on the what my procedure was. This was my first partial mash and I did a variation on death brewers stove top method. I mashed in a small...
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    Creating Amber DME from Light and Dark

    My brew shop doesn't carry amber dme and I've normally just made due with light dme and playing around with various amounts of grains. Two questions. 1)Is there a ratio I could use to combine light and dark dme to essentially create amber? 2)If a recipe calls for amber dme + grains, am...
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    Should I bottle?

    So I've had this brown ale sitting for quite a while now (2 weeks primary, 2 weeks this weekend secondary) and I'm hoping to bottle this weekend. The reason I ask is because there is still a fair bit of bubbling going on in the carboy. Now before anyone says anything, I've taken hydrometer...
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    Liquid Yeast and Krausen

    So for my latest batch I used a liquid yeast (Wyeast 1332 northwest ale) for the first time and got about 5-6 inches of krausen at its peak which is considerably more than I've ever gotten with dry yeast. I usually rack to secondary after a week but there was still about 3 inches of krausen...
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    60% ABV beer

    I was reading in the paper today that a dutch brewer has made a beer called start the future thats 60% ABV. How is this even possible??
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    Gravity points question

    So I've been looking for some new recipes/kits to try out and theres some good looking ones from northern brewer, austin homebrew ect but they dont ship to canada. They do however have an supply list for 5 gallon batches (my equipment is for 6 gallon batches) and I just want to know if I'm...
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    Winter Ale Recipe

    After a trip to Vancouver I had a chance to sample some Granville Island Brewery Lions Winter Ale. I did a search and someone else had been looking for a clone of this beer but never got any responses. I'm looking for a solid winter ale recipe that I could possibly tweak or get suggestions on...
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    Cleaning and sanitizing

    I did some searching and haven't really found the exact answer to my question. For cleaning I have some pink stuff (not sure the exact name of it but I know is a chlorine based cleaner and sanitizer if you let it sit long enough) and metabisulfite for sanitizing. My first batch I cleaned and...
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    Adding orange to an extract kit

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to home brewing (just sampled my first batch or redwood ale and it turned out well) and I have a BrewHouse Prairie Wheat kit on order that I'm going to get started pretty soon and was thinking about adding some fresh orange to it. From what I've read in some other...