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    mead trade

    Not sure if you guys over in Arizona get B Nektar or not but I was wondering if anyone would like to do a B Nektar for Superstition Meadery swap? I've got access to their new Sleeping Giant aged in rye whiskey barrels as well as some of their other staples along with their Orange Blossom. We...
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    1st timer

    Because there aren't enough of these threads.. So I've brewed beer for the last 5 years or so and have a great understanding of the process. Been a big fan of my father-in-laws meads but the other day I drank some of his cherry mead that he'd forgotten he had racking that was sitting in a...
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    ISO: Kern River Citra FT: Galactic Double Daisy Cutter

    also looking for some other California ipas, Bomb!, Pirate Bomb!, BA Plead The 5th, BA Peche Mortel i've got some Zombie Dust, Ninja Vs Unicorn, Coffee Abduction, Surly Darkness '12, Behemoth and more
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    ISO: Bomb! variants, BBPT5, etc.. FT: List

    ISO: - BBPT5 - Bomb! - Pirate Bomb! - Noir - Coffee Noir - Pirate Noir - Vanilla Noir - BB Peche Mortel - BB Blackout - BA Abraxas - King Sue growler FT: - '12 Dark Lord - '12 Darkness - '13 & '14 Behemoth - Upland Blackberry - Upland Strawberry - Uncle Jacobs Stout Batch 2...
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    FT: Upland Lambics ISO: Hill Farmstead

    I'm looking to trade 750ml's of Upland Strawberry and Blackberry for growlers of Double Citra (or Abner) and George. Yeah, I like brown ales. Wanna fight about it? If you're able to get those then my guess is you have access to The Alchemist. I'd also like to try out Focal Banger, The Crusher...
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    FT: Dark Lord ISO: Surly

    not looking for a big complicated trade. I have bottles of Dark Lord and would be willing to trade one for some Surly: Wet, Furious and Coffee Bender. Also would like to try their ESB if it's in season
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    FT: Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught, Panzer Wolf

    looking for these... - AleSmith: Speedway stout - Alpine: Exponential Hoppiness - Alpine: Nelson - Alpine: Pure Hoppiness - Cigar City: Hunaphu - Cigar City: White Oak Jai Alai - DC Brau: On The Wings Of Armageddon - Deschutes: The Abyss - Deschutes: Black Butte Porter - Green Flash: Barleywine...
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    any growler traders here?

    i send Sun King and Flat 12 growlers out all the time and was hoping some posters close to breweries like Alpine, Cigar City, Green Flash, Port, Russian River, Ballast Point, Odell, etc.. are willing to trade.
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    ISO: Cascade sours FT: Bolt Cutter

    looking for some Cascade sours to add to the cellar. preferably the non-bourbon/whiskey aged varities. i have Founders Bolt Cutter, plenty of Bourbon County Brand Stout, access to 3 Floyds, more than likely upwards of a case of KBS when it comes out among other things. PM me. we can exchange...
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    FT: Founders Bolt Cutter ISO: sours

    came across some Bolt Cutter the other day. looking for rare Cantillons
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    Blichmann product questions

    I received a Blichmann Therminator for Christmas as well as a lot of gift card money to my homebrew store. I planned on buying the Hop Blocker and a Blichmann ThurmoMeter. Beings that I've never used any of the 3 i was wondering if just using gravity to feed my wort from my kettle down thru the...
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    Surly ISO: Surly

    Just looking for some Surly Bender or their Bitter. I have some Alpha King, Dreadnaught along with plenty of other stuff. PM me or throw some offers out on here
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    ISO: Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA

    currently have these for trade... - 3 Floyds: Zombie Dust (bottled at the end of November) - 3 Floyds: Alpha Klaus (seasonal Christmas porter) - 3 Floyds: Alpha King - 3 Floyds: Dreadnaught (double IPA. bottled end of November) - Schlafly: Tasmanian IPA (delicious IPA brewed with all Australian...
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    FT: fresh Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught, Alpha King, Alpha Klaus

    looking for some fresh Fat Head's: Head Hunter IPA and Kern River offerings. PM and we'll light this candle
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    attn: ice1835 / Zombie Dust for trade

    Delete some of your inbox. I sent you an offer for some of those Port beers for my Zombie Dust. Anyone else interested in acquiring some Zombie Dust? or Founders, Jolly Pumpkin, 3 Floyds bombers like Dreadnaught and Arctic Panzer Wolf, Flat 12 Bierwerks, Sun King, Peoples Brewing, etc. I'm...
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    looking for White Rajah and Head Hunter IPA

    I'm going to have a case of Zombie Dust trickling Friday afternoon and want to get these for my buddy. Not sure what the availability is for these but figured it was worth a shot
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    oatmeal stout (looking to add chocolate and coffee)

    I planned on brewing a basic oatmeal stout today. Here's my recipe... - 9.4 lbs British Pale - 1.0 lbs flaked oats - 0.75 lbs Chocolate malt - 0.75 lbs Victory - 0.5 lbs Crystal 80 - 0.5 lbs Black Roasted Barley - 1.8 oz. EKG I'd like to add some chocolate and coffee. Any...
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    general question about gravity and DME

    I'm brewing an oatmeal stout tomorrow and have had sporadic efficiency numbers from my last 6 brews. 5 out of my last 6 all grains have had a preboil reading of at least .010 less than where they needed to be. This time around I'm preparing by having some DME handy in case I don't hit my...
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    anyone interested in 3 Floyds Dreadnaught?

    Got a fresh one in my possession. The breweries offerings are becoming more and more scarce around Indiana these days and this is their best beer without a doubt. also got a few New Glarus barleywines on hand as well as access to Founders Breakfast Stout, Old Curmudgeon and all of their usual...
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    brewed Jamil's American IPA recipe today

    this was my 5th or 6th all-grain brew so i'm still dialing in my system. i seem to run into the same problem every time. i'm not extracting enough sugars from the grain during my mash. my preboil gravity for 7 gallons ended up being 1.040 (shooting for 1.055). my OG was 1.052 (shooting for...