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  1. eldernut

    Homemade Bread Thread

    Porter Fruit Bread. Bottled up my orange peel porter today and didn't save the yeast trub due it to being a 3rd generation from a commercial yeast. So I baked bread with it instead and added half cup of spent grain from this brew as well. I used too much trub and these loaves turned into yeast...
  2. eldernut

    Homemade Bread Thread

    Realised I posted in the wrong thread. Oh well. Here they are.
  3. eldernut

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Traditional french croissants, 50% wheat, 50% spelt, all butter. They browned a little much but not as burnt IRL as they appear here. First time I've gotten the layers really nice. Beautiful with pancetta.
  4. eldernut

    New post a picture of your pint

    My saison in sunlight. For some reason this particular bottle out of this batch is a lot clearer than the bottle from yesterday. More lightly carbonated it doesn't retain the head as much as the other bottle. But still very drinkable. I think this was a good style to start with, simple and...
  5. eldernut

    What are you drinking now?

    Cracked open my very first brew. Elderflower Saison. Can't say I taste or smell the elderflower at all. But overall nice crisp, lightly carbonated beer. Happy with that. The bitterness is fairly medium it was rated at 20 IBU's it has a sour tang which I didn't expect and plenty of esters but...
  6. eldernut

    What I did for beer today

    Got a porter wort into the fermenter. Made an accidental honey malt while trying to make brown malt. It's very sweet and honey smelling. Will have to think of something to make with that. Opened my yeast starter today to discover it was highly carbonated in the fridge. It took me a couple of...
  7. eldernut

    What I did for beer today

    Fermentation has completed for 4.46% ABV. Tastes good time to prime and bottle up. Tomorrow is blue cheese day, beer's no good without cheese.
  8. eldernut

    New Hop Garden 2014 (pic heavy)

    I have no idea why anyone would have a problem with these plants being seen from the street? They are a super attractive vine, very ornamental. I wasn't going to grow hops at all but seeing how pretty they are I'm changing my mind. We have an ugly fence that could do with some covering up. I'm...
  9. eldernut

    Why does kombucha make me feel sick?

    This. The first time I drank barley grass juice (not the fermented kind) I got the worst headache of my life and felt off all day. It was horrible pretty much akin to a bout of food poisoning without the vomiting. Since then I avoid anything labelled as having a detox effect, which is just code...
  10. eldernut

    Low-ABV beer?

    Noted. I don't give it to anyone actually. It's just for me. But I have to admit back in the dark ages my family used to make fizzy pop exactly this way and feed it to all of us. Ah....the days before regulations and thermometers and responsible In any case I'll be watching...
  11. eldernut

    Low-ABV beer?

    I use flip top bottles and off gas them every day for the first few days to be sure of no explosions (when I use commercial yeast). When I can open the bottle and not get a hiss then I let it go after that. But its generally unnecessary with the wild yeasts because they are so slow to ferment...
  12. eldernut

    Low-ABV beer?

    No, I don't take readings typically because I make it for myself. But I am fairly sensitive to alcohol, (one beer wonder) so I typically get a drowsy buzz even below 4%. Certainly wouldn't be able to drink a litre of the stuff in an hour if it had any appreciable amount in it. My oldest bottles...
  13. eldernut

    Low-ABV beer?

    Is it even necessary to do all of that? When you make traditional soda's with yeast and sugar the resulting alcohol content is so low as to be indistinguishable, people give them to kids. Is there something about malt particularly that needs a heavier wort sugar content than say traditional...
  14. eldernut

    Show Us Your Label

    My latest brew....
  15. eldernut

    Tasted my beer before bottling and it was horrible. Is it ruined?

    It could just be the taste was not what you expected compared to say a commercial beer. I'm with the others to bottle, carbonate then taste it cold before determining it's a loss. Not likely to taste special straight out of a carboy. If it has soured because of a brett infection, bottle and age...
  16. eldernut

    What I did for beer today

    You've been productive.
  17. eldernut

    What I did for beer today

    Steeping elderflowers for syrup and bottling. Supply for when it's out of flower. Trees are setting fruit like crazy this year. Thinking of doing an elderberry lambic. Fig branch I toasted yesterday for flavouring beer smells like a fine cuban cigar and vanilla. I think it will be good in a...
  18. eldernut

    What I did for beer today

    Cut off a small branch from a 50yr old fig tree, cleaned it off, drilled holes in it and toasted it to flavour some brews with. I know oak is recommended but seriously the whole tree smells of ripe figs and it doesn't even have fruit on it yet. The wood smells equally fruity and once toasted the...
  19. eldernut

    Successful wild capture, what to do next?

    So I dropped this culture into a litre of wort two days ago, the next morning there was a fair amount of CO2 in there. Had a whiff today.....baked beans anyone? Lol sure hope it improves on that over the next few months.