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  1. J

    Nice surprise in a kit

    I have the opposite experience. My LHBS hop prices are a couple bucks better than Northern Brewer, and because of that, I buy all my malt from them too. (Malt prices are only slightly higher then Northern Brewer) Sometimes I really love where I live.
  2. J

    Has anyone tried this - fruit flavored water in beer

    Just so you are aware, most artificial sweeteners lose some sweetness when you heat them. Sparging a wheat with a lemon fruit20 doesn't sound horrible though. Expensive, but not horrible...
  3. J

    spicy beer!!

    I am also a chilihead that tried to unsuccessfully combine two loves. I made a Chipotle Irish Red that turned out pretty horrible. I use it to cook with, so it isn't going to waste at least.
  4. J

    Flavored Coffee?

    Just to clarify, espresso drinks only have 2oz of espresso in them. A latte or cappucino have slightly less caffeine than the equivalent amount of coffee. I always cracks me up when people think their cappucino wakes them up better than coffee. Now a red-eye is a shot of espresso dropped...
  5. J

    best beer ever...what's yours?

    My best so far is my Vitamin C IPA. Its the only beer I've done twice so far. Although this time I did it as my first partial mash. Superbowl Sunday will be when I get to try it. The original extract recipe is here:
  6. J

    Apfelwein (hope I spelled that right)

    I keg everything, but when I make Apfelwein, I put in 2 cans of frozen apple juice into the keg before I rack into it. Then chill and carb immediately. I expect if if stayed in there long enough, the stuff might try to ferment the new sugar, but it goes so fast I've never had time to find...
  7. J

    What's your favorite Ninja Batch?

    One of my favorite batched I called BigZestyWheat. It was a 6.5% Wheat beer that had the zest of 2 lemons in the boil and the zest of two more in secondary. It was an amazing thirst quencher, and never let you know how big a punch it packed.
  8. J

    American Idol..

    I can't help myself. I'm so ashamed. But at least I'm Relaxing, Not Worrying And Having A Home Brew...
  9. J

    Coffee beans and maybe spices in Porter

    Not a lot of people know what Turkish coffee really is. I was just covering my bases. I think 3 boils would extract a lot of coffee oil out of the beans, which might hurt head retention. But I'm not actually sure how much of an effect it would have. Thats the reason a lot of brewers like...
  10. J

    Latest refinement

    Love it. The latest font has a good feel to it too.
  11. J

    Is Kolsch yeast slow?

    I looked this morning and there is a finally a good krausen going. I feel better now. I really should have know the yeasties would have perked up as soon as I posted about them... This time of year the room where the condo heat exchangers are stays right at 45F as long as its colder than...
  12. J

    Practical uses for bad batches

    I made a Chipotle Irish that was not good. Stuff gives me heartburn. But I use it in stews and for steaming ribs in my oven (I know its a sin, but I don't have a smoker). Both benefit from the spicy beer.
  13. J

    Is Kolsch yeast slow?

    Thanks all. I can wait it out, I was just surprised by how long it was taking and wondering if that was normal. Now off to the LHBS to get me another Ale Pail to use while this one is occupied...
  14. J

    Coffee beans and maybe spices in Porter

    What do you mean by Turkish coffee? Do you mean made the traditional way? Coffee ground so fine it feels like talc, and boiled in an Ibrik?
  15. J

    Tree Nearly Denuts Jeep Driver

    Wow. They say every Jeep is "Trail Rated", but makes me wonder how high they actually score...
  16. J

    Coffee beans and maybe spices in Porter

    I did a coffee porter almost exactly the same way. I used an aeropress which makes a very strong coffee, but at a lower temp than espresso. I was trying to minimize the oils that came out of the coffee. Mine was fantastic too.
  17. J

    Is Kolsch yeast slow?

    I used this yeast in a Kolsch I am making right now: The 1 liter starter took 6 days to ferment out, where I usually do 2 day starters for ales. My brew bucket has been sitting at 55F for 6 days and might have the slightest...
  18. J


    You are confused. You can make homebrew in any strength you want.
  19. J

    I had to. It looked so nice

    I never thought DiffEQ or Multivar were fun, but I survived them well enough. Those were the last pure math classes I took. Other math later in my degree was much worse. My degree is Aerospace Engineering, and when compressible aerodynamics was added, thats when my mind fell to pieces...
  20. J

    Dunkelweizen question

    I used both that yeast and the Hallertau hops in a Dunkle I made, but the recipe I used also called for gypsum. It was a little on the tart side, but I wasn't sure it it was the yeast, the hops or the gypsum that caused it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.