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    Illinois Chicago: Kegerator, 2 Perlick tap tower

    Hey HBTers, haven't posted on here in a while as I haven't had any time to brew in ages :(. The kegs are sitting empty and I figure it's time they go to someone who will actually fill them up. Looking for 500 for the whole setup, see the details here...
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    STC-1000 problems

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to wire up an STC-1000 directly to my Frigidaire FRC445GB kegerator. It's all wired up (terminals 7 & 8 interrupting black hot to blue neutral), but it won't seem to keep the compressor on. You can hear the relay switch and the compressor kick in, but it instantly...
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    Love TSS2 Dual Stage Temp Controller

    Anyone use one of these for fermentation control? They're only about 15 dollars more than the TS single stage controller, and I was considering using it to control the fridge compressor and a light bulb inside at the same...
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    Machine threaded thermocouple in NPT system

    I've got a 1/4x20 .5 inch thermocouple that I need to get into my system somehow. I want to put it on a 1/2 female pipe thread outlet, but I'm not sure how to incorporate it. I thought about using a 1/2 x 1/8 bushing, but I'm not sure if that would work since the 1/8 pipe thread is 27...
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    HERMS no HLT batch sparge

    I asked a similar question before, but I am just wondering if it would be possible to drain your mash water to the boil kettle, then add all of the water for your batch sparge at warm tap temperature and recirculate it until it comes to temperature. I got a couple of responses that it would be...
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    Thermocouple troubles

    I recently got this thermocouple: to set up in my HLT with a PID. I was getting some whacky results, and I realized it's not a submersible thermocouple. What thermocouples do other people use? Would a weldless...
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    losing co2 but holding pressure

    I set up my new kegging system very recently but I lost my first bottle of co2 to a leak. I got a new bottle and checked all the connections with soapy water, turns out my regulator was leaking. Fixed the connection with some teflon tape and it's not leaking anymore. I turned on the gas on a keg...
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    batch sparge question

    When batch sparging with a direct fired MLT, is it possible to add room temp water to the mash and bring the water up to sparging temp? Any negative effects, other than taking a bit more time? Thanks!
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    Electric kettle with PID control

    I'm trying to figure out how to wire up a 220v 4500 watt heating element to a PID. The diagram that I'm thinking of following is located here My concern is that 110v will be running directly to the heating element. I don't know if that would cause a problem or not. Anyone with some electrical...
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    Danby fridge for conversion

    I found this fridge: Does anyone recognize that fridge and know if it'll be big enough? The dimensions are 17,5 x 18 x 32 in. Thanks!
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    infection in secondary??

    I just transferred my first batch from primary to secondary after seven days. Once the beer settled, I saw some white dots on the top. Could this be an infection??
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    stalled fermentation??

    I just started my first partial mash batch. I'm making a Honey Weizen and it initially was fermenting so much that I had to install a blow off tube on day 2. Now on day three, there appears to be almost no fermentation. Starting gravity was 1.052 and today it's at 1.028. The LHBS said it should...