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    Hop rocket as infuser, how to hookup?

    Need some help :D I bought a hop rocket earlier this year, and tried using it as a hop back. I didn't hook it up correctly, and ended up plugging my pump and got frustrated and set the hop rocket on a shelf. I want to use this as a randall, but confused on how to hook it up to my 3/16"...
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    Yeast starter for 16.5 gallons of Oktoberfest

    Yeast gurus, Looking to do a huge batch of Oktoberfest, 11 gallons for me and 5.5 gallons for my friend. I only have a 2liter flask with stirplate. Am I crazy thinking I can propagate enough yeast for almost 17 gallons of finished beer? The beer will be 1.055, looks like I'll need 1250...
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    Annoyed with 2 of my kegs, c02 leak

    So I go to pour some of my Hefe, and nothing comes out. I'm like great, the line is froze. Nope, no c02 in the tank. 2 of my kegs, the c02 ball lock connector has to be on just right in order for no gas to come out of the ball lock area. It's like if I press hard down onto the connector...
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    Advice on water in/out on Duda Diesel plate chiller

    Hey gents. I'm going from an immersion chiller to a plate chiller, along with a pump and camlock fittings. This is all new to me. I just ordered a bunch of camlock fittings from Bobby. I also have a 20 plate duda diesel plate chiller coming. I need help with the water side. The chiller I...
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    Milwaukee - borrow chiller?

    Looking to brew 10.5 gallons of IPA on Friday, 8/16. I left my immersion chiller at my brothers house 2 hours away, does anyone have an immersion chiller I could borrow? My friend and I are brewing Friday and you would be invited to drink as much homebrew as you would like (red ale and limeaid...
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    Need help picking pump, plate chiller and fittings.

    I've just upgraded to 10 gallon batches, I made a keggle with a 1/2" ball valve. I mash and batch sparge in a cooler MLT. I'm looking to upgrade and add a pump, hop rocket and plate chiller to my setup, and I'm at a loss on which pump to get, and what kind of connections. My keggle has a...
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    Bent lip keg fix?

    How can I fix this lads? I tried doubling the gasket but that was a big fail. I have to somehow pound the bend from the inside, but find it impossible to do that. I'm not super handy figuring stuff out, but can follow direction if anyone thinks this can be repaired. Thanks for any help justin
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    Frigidaire chest freezer alarm, lid wiring not long enough *HALP*

    Hey guys, I almost finished my 8" collar on my old 1997 Frigidaire (ffc05m5cw2) chest freezer. I totally forgot the freezer lid has a cord going to the main wiring harness for an alarm. When I place my 8" collar on the freezer, the wiring for the alarm/lid isn't long enough, ugh. I'm by...
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    Wisconsin Polarware 10.5 gallon kettle with SS ball valve and SS whirlpool pickup

    Used for 4 months, and I'm already wanting to go 10 gallon batches. Weldless fittings are from bargainfittings. Brewed 12 or so batches with this and it has been great, but I need a 15 gallon kettle now as I upgraded my mash tun. Lots of pictures here -...
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    2 wyeast nutrient packets? DME alternative?

    Hey Guys, few questions after making my 2nd yeast starter. 1. I smacked my wyeast pack 3 hours ago and it swelled, not worried about that as it was made 9/20 so its newer yeast. After I pitched the yeast in the starter, I opened the pack to see 2 nutrient packs? Does this look like my pack...
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    Amount of priming sugar *beer temp related*

    I have always wondered about this, and I don't know the true answer to this. I usually use the Northern Brewer priming calculator, and they have a field "Current temperature of beer (F):". I am bottling my first lager tonight, and its sitting in my chest freezer at 38*F. The thing is, I'll be...
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    Nothing like a hydro sample in the morning!

    So pumped, my first lager I have ever made and it tastes amazing. Its at 1.020 and I started a 48 hour d-rest. I didn't taste much diacetyl but I really never had to taste for it before so who knows. Should finish at 1.014. Once I rack and lager for 6-7 weeks, hopefully this will be a clear...
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    How much slurry for starter?

    Quick questions, never done this before. I am bottling a ESB tomorrow, that will have a very clean US-05 yeast cake. I am brewing a Pumpkin ale Saturday, and I actually want to make a starter tomorrow because I want to have very active yeast for the Saturday brew. How much slurry should I...
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    Lager starter *I'm a starter n00b*

    I need some validation here. I am making my first lager ever, and also will be doing my first yeast starter as well. I have a 2L flask and a stir plate. Per Mr Malty and my brew software, it says I need 449 billion cells for my 1.056 Octoberfest. Mr Malty says I need 2 packs, but no way...
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    Installed valve on kettle, how do I start siphon?

    Such a simple question, and I did search. I must be over looking something! I installed a ball valve and a side pickup/whirlpool fitting on my kettle today. With 3 gallons of water in the kettle (above the pickup tube and valve), when I open the valve, no water comes out. I'm curious how I...
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    Want to add ball valve to kettle *Milwaukee help?*

    Hey lads, Before I order anything, I want to make sure I'm ordering the right thing. I have a 10.5 gallon polar ware stainless kettle. I want to add a stainless ball valve with hose barb, and in the inside I want a whirlpool/side pickup. This will allow me to not have to pickup my kettle...
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    Will this taste good? Question on slurry repitch..

    I have some ingredients laying around and came up with this... will it taste good? 5.25 gal 11lbs Pale 2-row .6lbs amber crisp .5oz columbus @ 55min .5oz chinook @ 15min .5oz chinook @ 1min .5oz chinook dry hop All I would need to buy is 1oz of chinook, I have .5oz of columbus and...
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    Need help ASAP *Turkey fryer won't lite*

    During heating my strike water, my propane went out. I hooked up a brand new tank, and I depress the igniter thing on the turkey fryer and it doesn't make the normal "click, click click sound" and it won't ignite. I't wont pass propane through the burner. Any ideas??? I have no way of...
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    Milwaukee water - AG

    Any of you lads from milwaukee? I use milwaukee water and beer seems to turn out well, but takes forever to clear even with whirlfloc. Any recommendations for water treatment for milwaukee tap water? Just looking to make better beer and want to start with my water. Thanks! Justin
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    Do bubbles equal carbonation?

    I have been kegging for 6 months, and I just noticed when I pull the first pint, it has a lot of "bubbles" and feels really carbonated... The 2nd pint, kind of the same. The 3rd pint has almost 0 bubbles, but plenty of head, I can't tell if its carbonated. I feel like a noob but I feel like...