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    Arizona Hops for Sale

    Hello, I started to collect hops a while back thinking I was going to get into IPA's and never did. I realize now I am more of a wheat beer fan and will only buy a 6 pack of an IPA every now and then. I can't drink 5 gallons of an IPA. I want someone to put these to good use. They are older...
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    Lost a good one

    I just heard about this. I had the great pleasure of talking with him a few times at the homebrew meetings. He was a great guy and will be missed.
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    I want to cry :smh:

    Am I just being overly cautious in saying I would dump the batch no matter how expensive of a batch it was? No matter how small the chance I don't want to risk ingesting glass or lead.
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    What is the difference between Slanting yeast and getting yeast from the fermenter?

    Slanting is used for long term storage of yeast. 9 months to a year. But you are only saving a very small amount f yeast on the slant so you have to build it up in several generations of starters. It is more work and more chance for an infection but you can go several months between uses of...
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    WARNING: Plastic buckets are not safe

    Personally I am much more likely to drop a glass carboy on my foot and have it be cut off than I am to have any problems from possibly drinking some chemicals.
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    Growing Yeast question

    It is possible but will be close time wise. Also you will be estimating your pitch rates which could add some variability to your batches. What I would do is make a 1.5 liter starter and let it go for 24 hours. Then make two more 1.5 liter starter and split the original one between these two...
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    Are you intimidated by the thought of a decoction mash?

    I was intimidated by a decoction mash until i tried it. They are not really hard but are alot of work. Yhe reason you dont want alot of liquid is that is where all the enzymes are located to cinvert your mash and if you boil the liquid you will kill them. So to get around this you pull the...
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    Update on why I've been MIA

    So sorry for your loss Yooper.
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    First Boil Over

    Don't fear the anti foam. I have used it in the boil kettle and in my fermenter. It has never affected my head retention. It dosnt dissolve so it just settles to the bottom of the fermenter and you rack the beer off of it. Greateststuff ever.
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    Net 10 and similar... what's the catch?

    The catch is they don't subsidize the phones so you are paying more for the phone or getting an older/cheaper model. The big carriers subsidize $300 or more of the phone and then charge you an extra $20-$30 per month. If you don't mind paying more for your phone or having an older phone then...
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    Merry Christmas HBT!

    Welcome Jake! This is an awesome community with lots of knowledge on here. Enjoy the new obsession!
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    anything else I need to know before I pour my first draft beer?

    Sounds about right excpet i have 6 ft but just leave the serving psi at 12. You may try just leaving it at 10 and see what happens. The only other thing to watch out for is how easy it is to grab a second/third/fourth. :-)
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    Noob question...

    Another one for plastic. Glass scares me to death. Plus BB are every bit as goog as glass imho.
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    How long do you keep Starsan in use?

    I never understood keeping the stuff and having to test it. Since you just need to get the surface wet, i just make up a half a gallon (doing the math to figure out how much starsan i need) or even less. Sometimes i just make two pints (32) oz. Doing this a bottle will last forever. No need...
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    120V Dual Element Wiring Diagram?

    Thanks PJ, I Do have a GFCI outlet installed where I would be brewing. It is not worth the risk not to! Thanks for the help!
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    120V Dual Element Wiring Diagram?

    Pj, first let me say thank you for all your time and effort. I know I would not be motivated at all if it wasn't for your many designs and posts. I do have a question that applies to both your 120 and 240 v drawings. I notice the emergency stop seems to cut power by tripping the gfci. My...
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    Take a gravity sample from glass carboy w/o exposing your beer

    Just take a sample after you pitch your yeast and keep it in a beer bottle. Use it to take a gravity whenever you want and put the sample back in the beer bottle when done. It will ferment the same speed as long as it is the same temp but doesn't matter if it gets infected since you are not...
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    Bought Mash what?

    I guess that's true. By the time you get to the boil it is just like extract. Sorry, it has been many years since I did extract so I tend to forget. It seemed overwhelming to me until I did my first all grain, then it seemed pretty straight forward. You are in great hands with Yooper!
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    Bought Mash what?

    Just as a general comment, would it be easier for him to pick something a little easier than an IPA for a first brew? Not that it is that much different but something lower gravity with less hop additions for his first go-a-round so he can focus on the allgrain process? Any other thoughts on this?
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    chiller question

    My recommendation is to get a big copper IC and a submersible pump if you have warm tap water at all. I live in Phoenix and I use tap water to get 5.5 gallons to 110 degrees then recirculate icewater with the pump to get it down to 65 degrees. All in 12 minutes even in the middle of summer...