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    Any way to make a NPT Fermenator into a triclamp bottom dump?

    I just got a good deal on a 14 gal fermenator with NPT fittings. I see Great Fermentations has this...
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    Building a New Brewing Room

    Where to start....We recently sold our house, and the buyer really liked the brewing system I had built, and so it ended up with the new homeowner. I had a two element, 30 amp PID RIMs system, and it worked really well, but I was already looking to upgrade, and go a little bigger. Now starts the...
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    Wedding Wheat - What do you think?

    My parents have volunteered my services at their friends wedding at the end of may....I'll be cooking (brisket and pulled pork) as well as making a beer or two for this wedding. We decided to do the american wheat that I have been making for a few years, based on Widmer's Hef, but I want to...
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    Overbuilding Yeast, and maxing out use

    I use Homebrew Dad's yeast starter calculator, and always overbuild my starter and save the excess yeast for future brews. I do this, rather than harvesting the yeast from the fermentor because it is much easier for me to do. If I maintain the yeast, build the starter at 1.035-37, and keep it...
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    Input on my entrance into the Session IPA world

    I've been kicking around brewing up a Session IPA for some time, and with summer right around the corner, I can't beat the timing. It's kind of my take on the Pliny the Toddler I've seen on here, and a another site, but with Simcoe and Citra. I'm a huge fan of Knee Deep's Simtra, but wish I...
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    IPA SimArillo - Critique please

    Hey guys, Making an IPA this weekend with some leftover hops. What I have is Amarillo, Simcoe, Nugget, and Nelson. I am thinking a Simcoe Amarillo combo would be great, but what do you think? Here is the recipe I have come up with so far, but any help would be appreciated. 12 gallon batch...
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    Nelson Simco Pale Advice

    Going to brew a 15-16 gallon batch of pale next week with Simco and Nelson. I want the nelson aroma to come, but I'm afraid of the "catpiss" aroma that people warn of. Here is what I am looking at, any advice, comments concerns? Thanks guys 30.0 lb Pale 2-Row 6.0 lb Munich - Light 10L...
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    Little Help needed - Wheat IPA

    So I have been wanting to do a Simcoe/Amarillo/Citra combo wheat IPA, and here is what I have come up with. I will dry hop, but haven't decided what I want to do yet. What are your thoughts/comments/concerns on the grain bill and hop schedule? Thanks guys. Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size...
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    Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA Belgian Red Wheat IPA

    Hey guys, been a long, long time since I have posted here, but I have been brewing a bunch of beers again this year. Anyways, I am going to be trying a reddish wheat IPA with belgian yeast this weekend. Looking at using Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes. What do you guys think of the recipe, and what...
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    Bud American Ale

    Has anyone seen the commercials for the Budweiser American Ale? I am a little embarrassed to say I am excited to try it. What do you guys think?
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    Yeast!! Should I Repitch

    I started a Pale Ale on saturday night and pitched the yeast which was wet yeast. the sg was 1.055. after maybe 24 hours the airlock is not bubbling. I was thinking about re pitching the yeast. should I? or what should i do?
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    Yeast!! Should I Repitch

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    Perfect Home brew setup on CL Wouldnt this be nice?
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    Pale Ale Weizen?

    This might be a stupid question, and feel free to call me out on it. Would it be possible to make a unfiltered wheat beer that is darker in color and hoppy like a good pale ale like SNPA? I was drinking some pyramid amber wiezen the other day and was really hoping that it would have that...
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    Igloo Max Cold 165

    My fiance just bought this massive cooler from costco on saturday. She thought it would be good for out parties and what not. I thought it could be good for making some beer. I have yet to move to a complete all grain and use a mashtun and everything. What do you guys think? is it too big, Is...
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    should i re pitch or not

    I have an amber that should have gotten to 1.013 and its at 1.02-1.019. I had it in the primary for 2 weeks and then put it in the 2ndary. Could I repitch in the 2ndary or am I now left with a 1.019 brew?
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    Cascade hop replacements?

    I am supossed to dry hop one of my brews with cascade hops but I dont have any left. I have some centennial, but what else is a good replacement for Cascade for dry aroma hopping.
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    All grain Equipment

    I am in the process of moving to all grain and once I am there will primarily be brewing 10 gal brews. What size kettle would you guys reccomend and where should I get it from? I have been looking on and can decide whether to go with the 15 or 26 gallon.
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    SA Long Shot

    I was reading on Sam Adams' website about this years longshot winners. I was wondering, who here entered? what did you enter? How did it do? and If your planning on doing it again this year. Also, are any of the three who won this year, or last year on this website?