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  1. dogfishandi

    stirring in the yeast

    i just brewed an ipa and didnt know whether to stir in the yeast or not. i brewed 2 gallon fermenting in a mr beer keg, and used 7 grams of coopers dry ale yeast. i pitched it at about 74 degrees, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then stirred it in real good. a couple hours later, i can already...
  2. dogfishandi

    Need help with 1st extract IPA

    I'm pretty new to brewing, i have only brewed 2 batchs so far and they were only 2 gallon mr. beer batches. for this batch i will be using the mr beer fermenter but ive purchased extract, hops, etc. from my LHBS and will not be using the mr beer refills. ive got somewhat of a gameplan, but im...
  3. dogfishandi

    fermentation seems to have stopped after 2 days

    i brewed a porter on sunday at about 4pm. i believe it began fermenting about 16 hours later, give or take an hour. the temp was about 72, there was a nice layer of foam, bubbles, and a lot of movement going on inside. the problem is, early tuesday morning, i discovered the nice foam and...