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    fliptops good? or no good?

    I haven't used them before, but I do have a case collecting dust and I've worried about the same thing. Would a very thin layer (almost non-existent) of keg lube help seal them tight.
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    permanent immersion chiller?

    I've been using an immersion chiller setup for a while that I've been very happy with, however my chiller was just bent and now its time to build another. Has anyone permanently mounted an immersion chiller to their keggle? What would be pro/cons to this type of setup? I usually boil 5 gallon...
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    2 Stage Immersion Chiller with Pump ?

    Go to wallyworld, look in the fishing section, I got a discounted attwood bilge pump (used to drain water from your boat) for $11, add some wiring and an inline fuse then connect it to your car's battery. Connect the 'in' hose to the pump, drop the pump in a 5gallon bottling bucket with 2 10#...
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    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: fishshocker