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    Delaware 2-keg kegerator

    For local pickup only in Northern DE: 2-corny-style keg kegerator. Dorm fridge-style tower kegerator. Includes fridge, tower, taps, and handles. Liquid lines included, but need either good cleaning (and obviously sanitation) or replacement. You'll need a CO2 tank, regulator, and CO2 lines...
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    Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft freezer Questions

    I've been looking through a lot of threads, but no one seems to show how the collar is attached to the main body of the freezer. What did you do for yours? I went with a 1 x 8 poplar collar and did a 2 coats of a dark (almost black) stain on mine, and it's looking really good so far. I've...
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    Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft freezer Questions

    From the measurements I made (using 3 cutouts of the base of a keg), I should be able to fit 5 kegs in comfortably with 2 tanks (CO2 and beer gas), provided I have a 9" collar, though Im sure someone else who's converted it already can coraborate. :edit: without a collar, it should only knock...
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    Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft freezer Questions

    I'm looking at buying the Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft. chest freezer for a conversion, but wanted to know what the thing weighed. I can't find specs for that on their site, so was hoping someone else on here could help fill me in. I'm fairly certain it will fit in the back of my Subaru Forrester...
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    CO2 Refill in Northern Delaware

    You want CO2... at least for most beers. Beer gas is nitrogen / CO2 mix, that is typically used for stouts (commercially it's used in Guinness, Boddingtons, etc)
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    Keezer project started *pics*

    If you don't mind my asking - where did you get the drip tray mounts? I checked a few of my regular supply shops, and didn't find any. Thanks
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    My DIY Hop Dryer

    Pulling air from under and pushing through top. Seems to me it would kick up less dust and debris from the floor... Though obviously the setup could work either way
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    My DIY Hop Dryer

    My first year hops are actually producing (and quite a lot too!) so this weekend I set out to make a hop-drying aparatus. When all was said and done, I spent $35 in addition to some other materials I had laying around. Stuff I had: 1 x 4"x4"x4' Screen Door screen (unused) wood glue wood...
  9. topview


  10. secondlayer


  11. firstlayer


    2 layers of 2x4 with a screen between
  12. Fanonstand


    hop dryer setup - fan on the 4x4s
  13. Hopdryer-4x4stand


    2 4x4s with a screen for the fan to lay on
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    Birthday Gift: Would you like it?

    I also don't see any mention of a bottle capper. He wont need it till the end, but will need it to bottle the beer.
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    How long would you ferment?

    My winter warmer (1.088) I did 14 days/28 days/10 days for primary/2ndary/keg. Turned out great... id recommend longer than the 2-3 weeks you have proposed myself.
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    cost savings measures that you have implemented

    Brilliant! Since I usually et flatrate shipping getting 2 kits effectively saves 50% on shipping; the more kits the more you save!
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    Yeast Bank

    What would you recommend for sealable test tubes? I don't have any wyeast vials andneed to store some.
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    one smack pack, 3 or 4 batches?

    Hmm. Those volumes seem high. Thats over a gallon of starter. Maybe its just me but that seems like overkill.
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    cost savings measures that you have implemented

    I started growing hops this summer and Im planning on reusing yeast for the first time in my next batch... what other cost saving measures have you implemented? I figure between those 2 I could save $10/batch or better (pending the amount of hops in a given batch) Thoughts?