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  1. The Happy Mug

    The Great Americal Beer Festival

    :drunk: Oh man, what a great time. So much beer. So much good beer. Man, I'm done for tonight. If Stoutmeister gets up off of his living room floor, he might post.
  2. The Happy Mug

    The Great Americal Beer Festival

    He he he. We also have mead fest...
  3. The Happy Mug

    Other forums

    I signed up on the Northern Brewer boards about the time our classy marine friend did. I tried to get into their boards, but it never happened.
  4. The Happy Mug

    A pickling question

    I just don't feel like boiling jars. I guess it wouldn't be that bad, but I'll probably only get two pints worth of jalapenos anyway. Heck, I could boil two jars. The boil it is, bill!
  5. The Happy Mug

    A pickling question

    Loop - I'd have been dissapointed if somebody didn't do it! :cross: Thanks guys. I'm thinking jalapenos, onion, garlic and mustard seed, with the water, vinegar and salt based off the recipies in the link. Once pickled and opened, they'll be all gone in a month or so. I'll boil them in...
  6. The Happy Mug

    A pickling question

    I've got some jalapeno plants that are ready for harvest. I'm going to pick and pickle the jalapenos. Can anyone give me some advice on pickling?
  7. The Happy Mug

    The Great Americal Beer Festival

    Stoutmeister can point you to some great beer pubs, he lives right in that area.
  8. The Happy Mug

    What to do with Willie?

    That's kind of funny, considering what happened to Tommy Chong over the Chong Bong.
  9. The Happy Mug

    Trippy coagulation

    When I did a cold trub removal, I let the wort sit for about a half-hour in the carboy to settle out, then siphoned to another carboy and pitched yeast. I got rid of about an inch of trub this way.
  10. The Happy Mug

    Any chili flavoring experience out there?

    That is a work of art! I have those little bottles of peppers and oil on top of my stove. That carboy is beatiful! :fro:
  11. The Happy Mug

    Trippy coagulation

    That's a beautiful cold break. I hung out with the guys who run my LHBS during a brew, and they used a really sweet counterflow. It looked just like that going into the carboys. I know it's a little late now, but I bet that batch could have really benefitted from cold trub removal.
  12. The Happy Mug

    I live on an Indian Burial Ground

    Hi-power pellet guns with scopes are a LOT of fun.
  13. The Happy Mug

    Talk like a Pirate today

    what aaarrrr you talking about?
  14. The Happy Mug

    Stupid internet game

    I laughed too hard to come up with a good reply. That was great!
  15. The Happy Mug

    Stupid internet game

    Q: For what measurement did mathameticians create the number googleplex? A: It's all Walker's fault.
  16. The Happy Mug

    Video Games

    What the heck was that? P.S. I went on a search for Koronis Rift, and found a recent remake. That's where I'll be for a while!
  17. The Happy Mug

    Video Games

    Oh my god I forgot about the tape drive! We had a dual floppy drive too - It was the size of a toaster. Remember the plug-in cartridges? Rogue, Dallas Quest, Canyon Climber, Super Pitfall, Koronis Rift . . . Those 5-lb joysticks with the dinky sticks . . . a useless optional peripheral called...
  18. The Happy Mug

    Favorite Board Games

    Clue rocks. I've been playing a lot of that lately. I played the "Simpsons" clue last night with some friends. Go figure, it was Homer with the poisoned donut who killed Mr. Burns in Burns Manor... One of these days I WILL get to be Colonel Mustard!
  19. The Happy Mug

    wheres the avatars!?!?!?!

    Definately the best $15 I've spent for brewing. This site is indespensible in my opinion.
  20. The Happy Mug

    Video Games

    I remember my old Tandy Color Computer 3, with a massive 128kb memory. Computers sure have come a long way.