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    Yeast starter propagation steps

    Is there anything wrong with not cold crashing in between yeast propagation steps? I want to take a 750mL starter and add that whole volume into a 2.7L volume of wort (total wort volume 3.5L, or 5X the original starter volume). Ideally I want to aim for the OG of this 3.5L to be ~1.040. Does...
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    High FG, what happened?

    I was recently making an oatmeal stout, taking a bit from Yooper's stout recipe with the following grain bill: 67% 2 row 6.7% coffee malt 6.7% flaked oats 6.7% victory 3.4% flaked barley 3.4% crystal 80 3.4% pale chocolate 2.5% carafa III yeast: Imperial A07 (Flagship) - 2.1L starter with...
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    Losing pressure on regulator

    Help! I am losing co2 pressure from my set up that uses this regulator ( ) - I lost a whole tank in only one keg, so the leak seems to be very slight. I keep the co2 in the kegerator as i don't have a way to get lines into the...
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    Wyeast 2565 Starter problem

    Hey - This is my 3rd time using Wy2565 for a Kolsch. I am following my usual starter procedure of using a 1L starter on a stir plate for 24hrs before pitching. Only this time, I made my starter last night and this morning I see zero activity (no bubbles, or any sign of life). It has been about...
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    Imperial yeast A24 fermentation

    I recently pitched a packet of imperial yeasts A24 (dry hop) strain into a 5 gallon batch of 1.073 og wort. The fermentation took off quickly but now on day 6, the beer looks extremely cloudy and powdery. Is this normal for this strain? It appears as if there is alot of yeast/hop/trub floating...
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    Moving to Electric Stove :(

    Help!!! I will soon be leaving my apartment which has gas burners on the stove and will be going to a new apartment that uses electric coils (gasp). I have been doing all the research I can but can not find a good answer on how to boil ~6 gallons of wort for an All-grain set and I don't want to...
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    Foamy Pours from Keg

    So I have been kegging for about a year, and thought I had done my research to figure out how to serve properly. But no matter what, the beers always come out a bit too foamy. Furthermore, I can't serve different style beers with more volumes of CO2 without excess foaming either. Right now, the...
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    Yeast starter in the fridge

    I want to try cold crashing my yeast starter but I will be out of town until the night right before brew day, so I won't have enough time to do this as John Palmer describes. Instead, here is my plan. Can anyone tell me if this process looks ok or how you would adjust it? Make a 1.6L yeast...
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    Dry Hop Hash

    I am wanting to use some of my recently acquired hop hash in making a NEIPA. I plan to use 1-2oz at flameout/whirlpool as suggested usage. My question is, what process do you use in order to use this as a dry hop addition? From what I can tell, it is very difficult to solubilize the high oil...
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    Oak chips for "barrel aging"

    Hey y'all - I have previously tried to make bourbon stout simply by adding a cup of my favorite (or readily available) bourbon. However this time around I bought 2 oz of American oak chips made from bourbon barrels. My question is-how do you sanitize these bad boys before adding to the...
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    Oatmeal stout recipe recommendations, HELP!

    I am looking for some help making a different kind of stout than I normally do. My current plant is to try and clear out left over Malts from other recipes: #5 marris otter #5 2row #1 chocolate malt #.25 black roasted barley #.5 flaked barley #1 flaked oats #.25 special b #1 crystal 75 Yeast ...
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    That biscuit/bread flavor

    So I can't quite find the right answer to my question by normal means (google, HBT search etc) - But I want to make a light beer (style TBD) that has a a bread-like, or what I like to call biscuit flavor. I have seen biscuit malt but have never seen it in the recipes I have stumbled upon. Do...
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    Fermaid K

    I have tried searching for this but keep getting redirected to wine/mead posts. Does anyone use fermaid K in their fermentation or in their starter? I can't figure out when to use it. I have always been using servomyces with every batch of beer and have had great results so far. What advantages...
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    My First Stuck Mash!!

    I feel almost excited having never had one before. I had read on here that you either haven't been a brewer for long enough, or haven't tried something crazy enough if you haven't had a stuck mash. Today it finally happened and I had to resort to pouring my whole mash out into my HLT, clearing...
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    Dark Stout Grain Bill with Soft Water

    So I am wanting to brew a coffee stout with my water here in SF which is very low in alkalinity (30 ppm CO3 from water report) with a pH of about 8 out of the tap. In the past I have been able to balance pH with a little bit of sodium bicarbonate (~0.8 g/mash), but for this recipe beer smith...
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    All Grain Stout with Soft Water

    So I am wanting to brew a coffee stout with my water here in SF which is very low in alkalinity (30 ppm CO3 from water report) with a pH of about 8 out of the tap. In the past I have been able to balance pH with a little bit of sodium bicarbonate, but for this recipe I want to use calcium...
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    New to Kegging. How to disassemble tower/lines?

    Full disclosure: I am not that handy and bought a kegerator pre made (the KC2000 from - I just got the single tap tower for now, the wife wouldn't let me have two beer lines, yet. But my question is: How do I take this bit out of the tubing so that I can change out my tubing for...
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    Where to replace CO2 Tanks

    I live in the SF Bay Area and was wondering if any other home brewers knew where to take their CO2 tanks to get filled? I have seen some homebrew stores that will exchange empty for filled tanks but it seems odd to spend so much money on a new tank only to trade it in for a old one...any...
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    Peach hefeweizen: stuff at the bottom

    So I am doing a peach Hefeweizen and have chosen to use puréed peaches. I racked onto the purée a week ago, and now there is significant sediment/peach matter that is not quite settled at the bottom. Question: is this normal? Do I need to do anything to strain out the stuff when I bottle?
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    Water Chemistry

    Alright, I've been dancing around this topic for long enough. I want to dive head first into all grain brewing after several years of steeping grains. How important IS water chemistry actually? I have my water report on hand and am looking at it, trying to figure out what kinds of pH...