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    Scottish Wee Heavy Gone Bad.

    I made a Scottish Wee Heavy and it tasted great un-carbonated. I was very excited about it as it tasted so great un carbonated I could hardly wait. Anyways I have been brewing now for right about 2 years exactly. I have made maybe 2 or 3 dozen batches since then and I have never made a bad...
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    Hops Direct US Goldings

    Hello, I was wondering. Hops direct is kind of hard to beat on pricing + they give ya extra. Anyways. The US Goldings selection. Can I expect this to be very similiar to Styrian Goldings? I make Belgian ales and dont want to buy some useless hops. I thought I had heard they are not the...
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    stretching your dollar, yeast question.

    Ok i use the Wyeast smack pack. Additionally I have been making starters. I make High Gravity beers, Trippels and Dubbels so yeast washing doesnt seem to be an option or so I have been told here in subsequent threads. My question is this. The Wyeast smack pack supposedly has 100 billion...
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    I kinda messed up.

    Silly me. Im brewing another Strong Dark Belgian. Anyways I got everything layed out and for whatever reason Im into the batch sparge process and realize.. Hey that isnt very dark. I forgot the caramunich. Do you think it will be ok to get my finished product into my carboy and tomorrow...
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    secondary fermenter yeast

    Do you think its ok to use the trub/yeast as a starter for my new batch? Its an Ardennese yeast from secondaryfermenter. there is about 1/2 inch of trub on the bottom. Would this be enough yeast to do it?
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    Perpetual Yeast method.

    Reading many posts here it seems that a technique being used is to utilize the yeast in the trub at the bottom of each primary after fermenting out and racking. So it got me to thinking. Can I just take the used trub from the bottom of a fermenter and just pour it onto my next freshly brewed...
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    OG 1.115 Final 1.035

    I brewed a Belgian Dubbel used an Ardenesse Wyeast yeast. After 3 weeks it seems to have ended its fermentation process at 1.035. I was hoping for a 10 - 12% beer. Looks like its around 8% using these calculations. Any ideas? Has anyone ever ended up in this position? Thank you for the help.
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    Acsorbic acid in beer?

    Sorry if I missed it. I did a search and little if any info. I purchased a beer kit, it was an Abbey Ale from my LHBS. It had Acsorbic acid in the kit to add while racking prior to bottling. Does anyone here use this as an additive? Why would my LHBS have added it to their kits...
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    Belgian beer conundrum NB Pale Malt and Pilsen

    NB Gold LME is a Pale malt with some Carapils. NB uses their Gold LME in their Belgian beers kits. Pale malt fits within guidelines of a Dubbel or Trippel Belgian Ale. I have made and have about 3 of these in the fermenter now. I started drinking one of them I had bottled for about 4...
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    Cara Munich, Caramel Pils.

    Do either of these provide the body and head retention that we know of "Cara Pils" to deliver? Im assuming and I may be wrong.. Cara Munich and Caramel Pils do the same as Cara pils and additionally imparts some flavor as well?? Can someone here get me straight on this? Thank you in...
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    Late edition method opinions.

    Any thoughts or issues, pitfalls with this method? Doing a partial mash Boil 1 gallon of water with hops and 1 lb of LME for 60 minutes I steep my grains @ 160 in 3 gallons of water for 30 minutes. I then mix in my sugars, LME and add the 1 gallon hops and LME mix all together for...
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    Need help, fermentation issues.

    I have a Trippel and Dubble in the fermenter. I made a starter. I put a Wyeast smackpack of the Belgian Ale into a wort of DME I made on the stove. I shook it for a couple of days and added some more wort. I then made the two batches one of trippel and another of Dubbel. The starter had...
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    ST's BIG Belgian Recipe Challenge

    I thought it would be fun to tap the expertise here at HBT and make a small challenge to the experts. I would like to make a clone of one of my current favorites. I realize there is alot of talent here and this may or may not be easy. Ok so I like many others enjoy and favor the Belgian BIG...
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    Dubbel vs. Quadrupel

    What are the differences between a quadrupel and a dubbel? Boulevard Smokestack has a Quadrupel I would like to make something similiar. Thank you
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    Pilsen and Pale LME differences

    Is there a difference between pilsen LME or DME and Pale LME or DME? Also I have used a John Bull Light. How would this compare to either of the above? What I am trying to do I think, is purchase a 33# LME from Northern brewer and use it to make both Dubbel and Trippel. Adding various...
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    Rousing your carboy during fermentation? yes or no?

    Quick question here. 2 parts. I am wondering. Reading Papazian's book he talks about the krausen that develops on the primary fermentation. He talked further about removing the krausen and that there are elements within the krausen that will make the beer taste off or give hangovers. I...
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    NooB question about hop pellets.

    Is it customary to put your hops in a mesh bag? Im doing the pellets. I have done mesh bag whole hops on my last one.. I wonder if it will make a difference and lessen the amount of crap in the beer by putting the pellets in a mesh bag.. Silly question Im sure.. Any help appreciated. ST
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    Bluemoon clone question

    I was looking at the bluemoon recipe over on the recipe page. I noticed there was no sugar that goes in this? Is that so? Wanting to make sure.. Thanks
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    She Devil - Trippel

    Ok so I have the She Devil - Trippel in the fermenter. Brewed it up tonight using a recipe I found for Beersmith. I used 12 lbs of Pale Malt LME, 1 oz of Northern Brewer hops and 2 oz Mount Hood hops. 1.75 lbs of cane sugar and some Irish Moss. Has anyone tried this recipe yet? Or...
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    HELP! Quick question about sugar

    Im brewing a trippel as we speak. The recipe calls for 1.7 lbs of sugar. I do not have a scale for this. ( mental note, buy one ) Can someone tell me how many cups of sugar makes up 1.7lbs? My fiance said oh, its right here on the measuring cup." 8 oz's " I laughed and said no its...