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    New to cheese

    Hey guys, new to cheese make but a long time brewer, FWIW. I really wanna make aged Cheddar. I've just finished my first attempt via an online recipe and instructions. FAIL. OH WELL, lets try again Does anyone have any constructive advice, tips, does or don'ts. i would really appreciate the...
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    Beersmith keeps shutting down

    Whenever i click OK after adding a new water profile, beersmith will shut down saying there was an error. This happen ONLY in the water profile tool. Any input? Thanks
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    Swiss lager, s-189

    I used two rehydrated packs in a recent German pils, og was 1048. I made this on Saturday and pitched late Saturday evening. It's now Wednesday and I'm only just seeing active fermentation. Has anyone had experience with this yeast and it's lag time? Thanks
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    American Pale Ale Unlimited Sunshine

    67.4% Domestic 2 Row 22.5% Maris Otter 4.5% Flaked oats 2.3% Acid malt 1.7% C60 1.7% GNO Cascade 5.5%AA @FW for 40 IBU's Azacca 10.3%AA @ Flame out/Whirlpool for 20 mins to get around 5.5 IBU's Mash @ 148 for 75 mins My system hits 73% efficiency, you may need to adjust %. So...
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    new guild line help

    I'm sure I have missed it, but under what catogory would my robust porter be classed under. I see a baltic sub cat, and brown sub cat, but no robust. I'm confused.
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    Stir plate not working.

    I had built a stir plate many moons ago, design based of internet searches and HBT. This little diddy worked wonders and never had to worry. However this past weekend i made my starter and fired the old girl up, it spun, but kept throwing my stir bar off the magnet, hours i tried to get it to...
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    Kölsch Krossover Kolsch, 2015 peoples choice winner, Easton PA.

    78% us 2-row 11% UK GNO 11% us white wheat 1.75 oz Hallertau Hersbrucker @2.7AA 60 mins 1 oz Hallertau Hersbrucker @2.7AA 20 mins 1 oz coriander @ 10 mins 1 oz Sweet orange peel @ 10 mins This is a real easy one to put together, big on the Wit profile but super clean at these...
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    Ghetto brew

    Gets me by and works every time. Gotta love it.
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    Kegging my cider

    Ok, so I have had a hard cider that has been in secondary for about 5 months, once it had fermented i went ahead dumped a bunch of bottle dregs from The Brurey, The dregs where Bret and Lacto. So i want to keg and carb this drink then bottle it. My question is how would i go about cleaning...
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    American Pale Ale Lost Property Pale Ale

    7.5# American 2-row 2# American 2-row, toasted at home, 350* for 25 mins 0.5# Golden Naked Oats 1oz Northern Brewer, Pellet, 7.8AA, FWH 1oz Brewers Gold, Pellet 10.5AA, 20 mins 0.75oz Motueka, Pellet, 7.2AA, Flame out 1oz Centennial, Pellet, 9AA, Dry hop in keg This was a beer i...
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    Going home

    I'm headed back to the UK this Sunday, unfortunately it's for a funeral but I have booked my place on several brewery tours whilst I'm there. It's odd to say, but I'm excited, not only for the tours but to see my family again and say my farewells to my nan.
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    I had no idea

    You guys might already know, but you can use the Hop Union bags with leftover hops in and vacuum seal them, i do have a vacuum sealer but had no idea the vacuum would actually work, on the bags, ive always bought vacuum bags. It does work how cool, fresh(ish) hops every time.
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    Starter step up ?

    Is it possible to make several 500ml starter worts and keep for future starter/step up's? If so would they need pasteurizing or anything special? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    general hopping

    i'm sure this has been discussed before, however, when adding your bittering hops, usually at the start of the boil, why bother with the fancy stuff, Fuggles, EKG and the like, what i mean is, you dont really get much character from the bittering addition, right? why not add the high alpha...
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    Funny beer ad

    I got sent this from a friend in England Anyone care to share there funnies?
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    forgot to add wholfloc

    Brewed a pale ale over the weekend and realized i forgot to add it, Will it be a simple case of adding finings to the fermenter once it has finished? Or will it still drop clear once cold crashed?
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    biscuit malt

    I was looking at a recipe from Northern Brewer, it was an extract recipe and it required a small amount of biscuit malt ( to be steeped). Looking at this malt online it states that it has to be mashed. So, if it is steeped, will it have no affect? Or just impart colour and no flavour? or both...
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    To much crystal

    I will start with I have a bad memory, which leads to good notes on my brewday which leads to scruffy handwriting. I went to the brew store this weekend to pick up the ingredients for my Cheap House EPA. Its Marris Otter and Crystal 130, now it was only supposed to be .25 LB of C130, but with...
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    water report help

    This is the online water report for my town. Please help decifer
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    priming keg

    I will be priming my 5 gal corny soon, i would like to know, Can i prime with the correct amount of suger, and add finings to clear at the same time? Thanks Dan