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    Need tweeking advice

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    Am i infected?

    So i cannot post a picture because i do not own a digital camera, so i will do the best to describe what i am seeing. My beer is in a glass carboy secondary right now. On the top of the beer is this cream/light tan colored sea-foam looking stuff. Now i was originally thinking i raqcked to...
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    Help greatly requested

    Ok everyone here is the deal. I have been invited to a wedding in October by one of my best friends. He has asked me to bring along my best homebrew. Now i am a beginner at best, so needless to say i have very few recipies under my belt. The few i do have are nothing special by any means...
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    Exact Definitions of the beer categories

    Is there a thread or a website that outlines The exact specifications of all the diffrent types of beers? What i am looking for is information that states: "If your beer is _____ in color and has _____ % alcohol it is classified as_______" ETC. The only reason why i bring this up is...
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    Favorite Beer related Quotes

    Do you have a favorite Beer related quote? I personally have two that always make me smile! 1. "Heres to beer, the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems" Homer Simpson 2. Now this one i am sure i am not spot on with the wording but im sure you will get the idea: After...
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    Just thought i would share

    So Friday rolled around and i ended up bottling my triple batch of Porter. I wasnt looking forward to it at first, cause who enjoys bottling, but it had to be done. As i finished, i found myself wandering back to the closet again and again to look at all the beautiful bottles of homebrew and a...
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    is this the right system for me?

    Hey guys, I am thinking of jumping into Kegging. I have 2 questions. My first is: I am going to be turning my mini fridge into a kegerator. Is the Gas container supposed to be inside the fridge, outside, or does it make no diffrence. Second, how does this kit look.....Do i need to...
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    Need tweeking advice

    Ok its brewing time. Here is the recipe i have used in the past: 1 oz. Yakima Magnum 15.1% (half ounce used for aroma 1 oz. Northern Brewer 5,7% 1 can John Bull Stout malt 1 can Malt Extract Amber 1 Pound English Chocolate Grains 1 Vile English Ale Yeast 3 Pounds Honey I really love...
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    Detroit Metro anyone?

    Any decent Pubs around Detroit metro? Everything i found so far has been sub-par at best
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    Terrible economy = no money for home brews

    Well everyone its has definately been a long while since i have posted on here. Every time I brew i post somewhere on this site, but have been silent for quite some time. I dont know how it is for the rest of you, but up here in Michigan, the economy is so terrible...How terrible is it? Its...
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    2 questions b4 i begin!

    so i was tossing and turning between an IPA or a Pumpkin Ale. So after much thought I have decided to go with the Pumpkin Ale and put the Stout on hold till next time. Here are my two questions: 1. I am looking to achieve the absolute highest ABV level without sacraficing the "pumpkin"...
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    Got another ?

    So heres the deal...I am brewing a blueberry wheat Hefe. I put in 16oz. of puree in the primary and it smelled great. I transfered it to my secondary and lost the scent and taste. I was thinking of adding more or an extract, but i dont want to over do it. What do all you wise brewers think...
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    F michigan Wolverines

    God i cant wait to see the arrogant Wolverines get stomped yet again saturday....that will compliment a day of brewing perfectly!:rockin:
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    good for sanitizing?

    has anyone used their dishwasher without soap (i.e. just hot water) to sanatize? i was thinking of doing that to get a good clean thru my siphon and tubing, just before throwing it into a no rinse solution
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    This is me bowing down!!

    SO this post is me bowing down to all the great brewers here! A special thanks to Jadeddog and Magno for their inputs....You were correct! I was just prematurely panicing! I went home after work and looked at the carboy. To my relief, i saw beautiful bubbles and fizzies!!! :rockin: So far...
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    Best Recipies of all Time!!!

    So i know im very new at this whole science of homebrewing, but what i have learned thus far....I got to say its a blast!! My first batch turned out great (in the eyes of a nOOb lol) second one has me worried but if anything i am learning. Anyways, I know there is a zillion diffrent...
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    Please help this nOOb

    I am new to homebrewing and have a question. I brewed a batch on Monday. I put it into the carboy around Noon. When i poured the wort in thru the funnel, I later noticed there was a screen on it and all the solids had collected. I wasnt sure what to do so i threw them into the carboy. Also...