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    Pennsylvania 3 Auber RTDs

    I have 3 Auber RTDs for sale. All 3 are 1/4" npt and 4" long probe. 1 has a deluxe cable the other 2 have no cable at all. Looking for $35 shipped for the one with deluxe cable and $20 shipped for the other 2 or if someone wants all 3 $65 shipped.
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    I have a KAB4 burner Im looking to sell locally. I used it for 3 batches before deciding to switch to electric so I could brew inside. Really do not want to ship this since it weighs 30lbs or so. I am in Camp Hill PA and work in Harrisburg. Looking for $65. I will get pictures up tonight.
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    How to make this enclosure work

    This is from an office that my step mom used to manage and they got rid of it when they got a newer defibrillator. I think any way I try to use this for my control panel I would end up destroying the glass and ruining the look of the whole thing. The setup Im planning was going to use 3 PID...
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    Panel Mount RTD thermometer

    I cant find a good source for a reasonably priced one of these anywhere. Is buying a cheap PID and having it not control anything really the best option?
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    Corona Grain Mill - Central PA

    Have a Corona style mill I bought about a year ago. Works great I have used it for 17 10 gallon batches. The hopper holds about 7# at a time maybe a little more. In the picture its setup to work with a drill but I still have the hand crank as well. The only reason I am selling is because my...
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    Cooler MLT Central PA

    I have a 70qt coleman xtreme cooler that I turned into a MLT. I used it for about 10 batches or so until I got a keg base MLT. The copper manifold is not soldered together and I never had an problems with it. I could solder if the buyer wants it. The cooler does have a lid. I can include...
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    Flip Top Bottles

    I have 61 16oz flip top bottles. Most of them are brown grolsch bottles and some are EZ capper brand. 1 is a green grolsch bottle. They are all in good shape although they do need a cleaning. I also have a bunch of extra gaskets that have never been used I will include. Asking for $30...
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    Glass carboys central pa

    I have 2 glass carboys I am looking to get rid of as I never use them. 1 is 6.5 gallon and the other is 6 gallon. Looking for $50 for both. Pick up only as I do not want to worry about shipping. I could also include about 60 flip top bottles for another $40.
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    Iphone users best accessory ever

    recession case dont have an iphone but I am tempted just to use this case
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    stupid starter question

    Should I worry about the temp of my starter. I can leave it at room temp no ac so around mid 80s or higher right now or I could put it in my ferm chamber which is mid 60s right now. It will be on a stir plate if that makes any difference
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    CL score

    Got a 809 hs march pump for $40 a ranco temp controller for $40 and 3 corneys for $10 each The corneys are almost new by far the nicest of the 15 that I have. Guy had a bunch of other good stuff too but swmbo would have shot me if I spent anything more.
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    Ranco ETC question

    Can a ranco 111000-000 probe be left in water? In my current ferm chamber its not working well to have it taped to the side of a carboy. I am thinking it would be much better off left in a yeast vial of water. I just dont want to ruin the probe doing it. I think it should be alright as long...
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    My first infection Thankfully its only half of the 10 gallon batch The other 5 gallons is fine Should I rack out from under it and hope for the best?
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    Flip top Bottles

    I have 61 flip top bottles that I no longer need since I got some more kegs for my birthday :ban: Most of them are brown Grolsch bottles, 1 green grolsch, and some of the ez capper brand. I would like to trade locally since I do not have a good way to package that many bottles. I am also...
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    10 Gal or more brewers

    What do you make your starters in? Based on Mr Malty I would need something pretty huge for some of the bigger beers I am planning and was just curious what others use to make them.
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    Red flaked wheat

    I went to the lhbs today to get the ingredients for biermunchers "Your WIT-ness" Belgian wit. When I got there the only flaked wheat they had was almost $3 a pound. I didnt want to pay that much considering I can get it at less than half that online and there are other things I need to order...
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    Corney post removal problems

    I recently got 4 ball lock corneys a 20# c02 tank for $100 off cl. I tried to disassemble the kegs and 2 came apart fine and the other 2 I cant get the gas post off. The one fits a 15/16ths socket but I cant get it to budge and the other is too small for the 15/16ths socket but too big for a...
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    Chest freezer question

    I am looking at a chest freezer on cl for a keezer conversion. It has a temp control on it that can be set to high medium or low. The seller unfortunately doesnt know what kind of temps these settings actually are. Would this cause problems when converting to a keezer. I assume I would just...