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  1. Jonnio

    Recipe Critique Needed - Hoppy Belgian (Tripel)

    So rather than handing out cigars for having a new child I have a little tradition where I brew a special beer and hand it out to all my friends. My first kid was born in December, so I did a winter warmer. Kid number 2 was also a winter baby, so I amped it up and created double trouble ale, a...
  2. Jonnio

    Fermenting and Serving a Saison Brett

    All, I have been dying to try and make a saison brett ever since I tried Boulevard's version of it, but I have one thing holding me back. Do I need a whole new setup to do this? I have a glass fermenter that I am assuming I can clean out, but what about siphons, kegs, beer lines, etc... Does...
  3. Jonnio

    A 20 gal day

    Not a whole lot to say. I have been quiet for a long time, but me and a buddy have a 20 gal all-grain day going, so I thought I would share. Hope everyone else is enjoying the weather too. Sent from my iPhone using HB Talk
  4. Jonnio

    Dual tap chrome tower - $75

    I have upgraded my kegerator and am selling the chrome two tap tower I used to use...Tower only, no shanks or faucets. Don't have premium membership anymore, so please respond to this thread if your interested and I will PM you my e-mail address. Uploaded with
  5. Jonnio

    Help me eradicate a bug!

    After years of successful brewing, I guess it had to happen eventually. Something has started getting into my beer and I am looking for some help on getting it back out. Basically, my beer seems wonderful out of the brew pot, looks pretty good when I keg it (last one seemed to have a hint of...
  6. Jonnio

    Please help Alabama!!

    For anyone that doesn't know Alabama is now one of two states that won't let decent beer be sold and right now it is almost solely due to one senator who refuses to let it come up for a vote. If you want to help you can contact Senator Hank Erwin via Twitter and urge him to let HB373 come up...
  7. Jonnio


    We recently put my new daughter on a digestive supplement and when looking at the ingredients I was shocked to see that it was lactobacillus. So, if anyone wants to make a sour beer or wants to do a purposefully infected beer you can go grab some biogyle from your local pharmacy.
  8. Jonnio

    HLT free setup with steam?

    I have been reading and for the most part understand the chemical process in mash/sparge, but I haven't seen anything that could answer a good question from an old thread. If your using steam could you do the following for your brew process. Mash like normal add steam to mashout at 175 or...
  9. Jonnio

    Got a keg today - what would you do?

    OK - so I just scored a 1/2 bbl keg from a guy for $10. Which I knew would happen as soon as I bought my 15 gal SS pot from Cabela's -- So my question to the more experienced equipment makers out there is what would you do in this situation. 1) Pot as HLT, cooler as MLT, and make a keggle...
  10. Jonnio

    Why the tank pressure guage recommendation?

    Ok, as I go through the exercise of building or buying another kegerator (for my dad this time) I was wondering why I see two things pretty much as an unwritten rule in threads regarding kegging. 1) get a "better" regulator that that has a high pressure guage 2) the high pressure gauge will...
  11. Jonnio

    BrewPoints - A user rating system

    There have been a few threads concerning newbies being able to trust the advice people give with specific reference to not using post count etc... This got me to thinking, what if there was a way for the OP (or possibly anyone) to flag individual posts as being helpful or wrong. The score...
  12. Jonnio

    Mash in one cooler and sparge in another?

    I am thinking about brewing one more big beer in the next few weeks and I am once again hitting my MLT limit, so I wondered. Can I mash in my big regular cooler, and then pour off half the grist into my smaller MLT, sparge, rinse, repeat? My alternative is to try and disassemble my MLT and...
  13. Jonnio

    Other uses for StarSan?

    OK - so I have had a couple times over the last few weeks where the directions on something include do XXXX to sanitize. Every time I read that I think, I wonder if I could just spray it with StarSan and be done. For instance, we just got a new humidifier, and the instructions were to fill...
  14. Jonnio

    Forgot to add maltodextrin

    While making my ahs esb last night I forgot to add the maltodextrin. Should I boil it in some water and add it to the primary today?
  15. Jonnio

    Label for my "baby beer"

    So you guys probably know that I brewed a special beer to hand out when my daughter is born, so here is the label. I am open to suggestions/critique. I took the design from the paint/bedding in our nursery and came up with
  16. Jonnio

    Beware Blowoff (even with slow starting beers)

    ESPECIALLY in small bathrooms -- We were watching a movie tonight and heard a loud POP. My baby beer, that had been quietly and slowly chugging along all day, had blown the stopper off and basically covered the entire room in krausen. It is going to be one heck of a mess to clean up tomorrow...
  17. Jonnio

    In process on my first AG

    Well, some of you may have seen my previous threads about brewing a beer for my daughter to be, and I figured there is no better beer to go all out than this, so I did it AG. I doughed in a while ago and am about to drain my second batch sparge. I will report back with pictures and my...
  18. Jonnio

    Why do people have to half a$$ jobs

    So after an evening of troubleshooting why my nearly new house which, all of the sudden, can't keep from flipping the breaker in the office I ponder to myself. Why do people have to do such a half a$$ job on things that their work can't last? Tomorrow I get to cut enough sheetrock out of a...
  19. Jonnio

    Made my immersion chiller, not sure if it was worth it

    So I am pretty well done with my immersion chiller, just have to add some more structural support and it will be done, but its usable as is. I did a 1/2 x 50' chiller, and now that its all said and done not sure if I would have done it all the same if I had a do over. Here are the things I...
  20. Jonnio

    How long can a yeast cake sit?

    Title pretty much says it -- how long after racking beer can you let a yeast cake sit before pitching on it again?