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  1. mrwaffles

    Bulk Aging Temps?

    Hey All, I was wondering... after the first few weeks (month) of fermentation with lower temps, can mead by bulked aged in the mid to low 70's (room temp) without causing off flavors etc?
  2. mrwaffles

    Fig Mead

    So started fig mead back on Aug 25th. 16.5 lbs of dark local NC honey Nutrient LV1116 topped up to 6 gallons Warmed water enough to get honey dissolved and added nutrient and pitched yeast when cooled. No fermentation chamber but ambient temps in the low 70's. SG 1.096 after 3 weeks racked...
  3. mrwaffles

    Backsweetening Cider Questions

    Hey Guys, Was reading thru this thread and the full batch pasteurization and back sweetening at the same time looks like a great way to do things. Just to clarify that process is for a sweet still cider, correct? For...
  4. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    Made 3 batches of cider on Fathers day last month, This is the blueberry apple juice one that fermented on frozen/thawed berries. I racked it off last week and just noticed this ghost looking stuff floating around yesterday. Is it normal? Do not think it is an infection but not sure since...
  5. mrwaffles

    mash tun usage for steeping grains in recipe?

    Just got parts in to put together a 5 gallon rubber maid water cooler mash tun! Was planning on brewing tomorrow and my kit has some steeping specialty grains. Could I use the cooler to steep them in as opposed to the throw in a pot bring up to 170 degrees etc..... directions? Itching to...
  6. mrwaffles

    1 gallon batch question

    When doing a 1 gallon batch in a glass jug do you add the 3lbs honey to exactly 1 gallon of water? that would essentially be more than would fit in the gallon jug correct? Or would I be better off mixing like 3lbs of honey with .75 gallons of water to get the batch right at 1 gallon? If done...
  7. mrwaffles

    1 gallon mead batch questions

    Hey All, First time making mead and have some questions... I want to do 1 gallon batches to start. Can I ferment right in the 1 gallon jug? How much head space do I need to leave in the 1 gallon jug? Will it blow out the air lock like beer? If head space is needed do I top off...
  8. mrwaffles

    Racking Questions

    Hey All, First time at cider making Have 3 gallons of black berry cider going since Fathers Day (6-17-12) 2lbs Corn Sugar, 2lbs of frozen Blackberries (thawed), 1.5 cups of honey and 2.5 gallons of Apple Juice. Also 3 gallons of Blueberry Cider , 1.5 lbs of corn sugar, 2lbs of frozen...
  9. mrwaffles

    Bottling 4 batches

    wow! yesterday we bottled 4 batches of beer. A major undertaking to say the least. Once we got in the swing of things it it went pretty smoothly. It also helped to have 5 of us total helping out. We bottled a Blueberry Weizen, Cream Ale, Belgian White, and a Apricot Blonde. Now the hardest part...
  10. mrwaffles

    Newbie questions....

    Hey guys and gals, just started 3 different 3 gallon ciders based loosely on the Apfelwein recipes. Should I completely fill up the 3 gallon carboys with liquid? or leave some headroom for the fermentation and top off later? I used Safale 04 in 2 batches and the Montrachet in the...
  11. mrwaffles

    Questions regarding final gravity

    Hey guys, I brewed a Cream Ale based off of a NB kit that i just got the ingredients from my LHBS and the hydro reading was 1.050 at 73 degrees right before I pitched the yeast. It has been 2 weeks and the reading last nite was 1.030. There has been no active fermentation in about a week but...