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  1. SmithRiverCider

    Pressing plums with a wine press?

    Has anyone tried this? In the past I've fermented them on the skins before straining and racking. This year I was thinking of just throwing them in the press, discarding the skins and pits, and fermenting in a carboy. I have a 25 litre ratchet press. Any reason not to try this?
  2. SmithRiverCider

    Pear Brandy

    Hi all, I made some Perry last fall that got the rhinofarts something fierce. I currently have 5 gallons sitting in the garage and was wondering would running it through a small copper still (1.5litres) remove the hydrogen sulfide or would I just get farty brandy? It would be my first attempt at...
  3. SmithRiverCider

    Asian perry?

    Anybody ever done a 100% asian pear cider? I currently have 5.5 gallons in primary and am curious what the finished cider will be like.