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    have a 9 week old pinot noir vitners reserve kit (6gallons).....thats nearly done....still pretty tart....and ive added the po. meta. as the instructions stated, if i planed to age for longer periods....just want some suggestions on how/what to back sweeten with grape concentrate? how much...
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    fizzy wine?

    i have a 5 week old apflewein and a 6 week old pinot from a vitners reserve kit....both taste fizzy (like ginger ale) to that because there still young and/or need to be racked? thanx
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    1 gallon apfelwein recipe?

    just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how much sugar, and yeast (half pack?) i should use, when doing a 1 gallon batch. thanx for any help
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    desprate help needed, driving off CO?

    how do i tell when i've driven off all of the CO in my stabalizing stage? or how long should it take? i"ve been using a whip and drill for roughly 30 minutes....but still get foam when i stir i have a vinters reserve, pinot noir kit, and have already added my pot meta and sorbate, as...
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    Quick questions about APFELWEIN

    read pages 1-15 of the apfelwein sticky, and decided i gotta start some this weekend...i wont have time to sift through the 500+ pages of the thread b4 then,, so was hopeing you peeps could help me with a few questions If i use a 6gallon carboy, should i do the 5 gallon recipe or up the...