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    Arizona Hops for Sale

    Hello, I started to collect hops a while back thinking I was going to get into IPA's and never did. I realize now I am more of a wheat beer fan and will only buy a 6 pack of an IPA every now and then. I can't drink 5 gallons of an IPA. I want someone to put these to good use. They are older...
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    Gorden Biersh Hefeweizen clone

    Ok looking for some help. I have been doing all-grain for quite some time but only created one recipe and never attempted to do a clone from scratch. Lack of finding a clone recipe elsewhere though has motivated me to give it a shot. The Gorden Biersh Hefeweizen is my wife's favorite beer and...
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    Water Adjustment noob question

    Hi everyone, I have spent the last week looking and learning about water adjustments. I live in Phoenix and our water he is not very good at all so I want to build up RO water. Up until now I have just added a generic pack of salts from the LHBS to my RO water but I want to get better control...