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    Brewing on grain - is this a lacto infection?

    Been brewing for 15+ years, and this is a first for me, though I have seen it posted many times. Following an old distilling recipe to see what it made; boiled water, dissolved sugar, poured into (sanitized) bucket. Added cool water, then put in sweet feed (corn, oats, wheat, and molasses blend...
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    Making a starter with just sugar, not wort/DME?

    TL;DR: Has anyone actually tried using sugar as a starter, and what was the results? Found myself without any way to make a starter that doesn't require mashing grain, and I don't want to deal with the extra time that would take. So I was wondering about using just sugar, or honey, or similar...
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    Efficiency and pH issues at new brewing location

    Hey folks. So I helped a work buddy brew beer at his place, third time so far (did a double batch this weekend). When I brew at my place I get that 75% efficiency target, sometimes better. I don't have a pH meter any more, but when I did I was getting in the expected range. At his place...
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    Brewjacket company gone silent?

    Any folks out there that have dealt with BrewJacket; do they have any online presence? I had emailed them a year ago when I got my unit, and there was an online community. Now the forums are missing, there is no email address on their site, their social media links are dead, their FB account...
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    CO2 Regulator won't close fully

    Howdy folks! I have a CO2 regulator. It was working fine. Got a new canister of gas. Now, with the regulator closed, the low pressure gauge slowly creeps up and maxes out. When fully disconnected it reads 0. This is with the regulator not connected to any kegs so there is no back pressure. I...
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    Chloramine removal after fermentation

    So. I forgot to toss a Camden tablet into my strike water, and now I have that chlorophenal taste. Happens with every blonde I do with my water unfortunately if I don't use a Camden tablet. Is here any way to remove this as now the beer has fully fermented? Or am I stuck with an icky off...
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    Why lager so long?

    ive been brewing for a while. Finally tackling a lager. Guides say after diacetal rest to slowly drop, then lager for several weeks. Why? Is the slow drop to reduce chill haze? Will that not clear over time? Long lagering time. Is this just aging like you would for a high abv beer to let...
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    Non LHBS sanitizers?

    Hey folks. I am trying to find a readily available product that can be used as a sanitizer for bottles and carboys, but NOT something that you just get from a home brew store. I'm talking about at your generic grocery store or the like. I know it is easy to order sanitizers online, but I am...
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    90min boil for DMS- really needed?

    Howdy folks. Brewing something up using Pilsner malt, and trying to figure out the whole 90 minute boil to remove DMS. Is that actually needed, or is that something that people said a long time ago and folks have just stuck to it? I was a Brewer at a production brewery, and we never did a 90...
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    Making an Ale taste like a Lager

    Howdy folks. I am wanting to make a beer that is similar to a Mexican Lager using Ale yeast, but still could pass for a lager. I have temperature control, brew all grain, and so forth. I just don't want to deal with the hassle and time involved with a lager. But I still want to make a crisp...
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    Howdy folks. Posting here to hopefully reach more people that may be looking at these products. Brewjacket, the immersive cooling/heating system seems amazing. However, their business sense is terrible. I ordered a unit, claimed 2-3 weeks delivery, and it has been 3 months. There is still no...
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    Brewing Salts and abosrbition/boil off

    Howdy all! Couple questions about water adjustments; If I don't care about adjusting the pH during the mash from salts, is there any reason I can't just add the salts to the boil kettle rather than to my mash water / sparge water? I use calculators to figure out what my water profile will...
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    Rhyzome care after harvest

    I am going to harvest my hops tomorrow. All I have seen is a guide stating to trim the bines 2 feet from the soil. But what do I need to do to keep the plant good until next season? Do I water it every day like before? Do I need to trim it or will it stay low on its own? Thanks for any help...
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    Propagting/slurry for large batch question

    Howdy all! So I am brewing a 20 gallon batch of a high gravity (1.096) ale. I have only done 5 gallons before. I am planning on brewing a 5 gallon batch of a 1.060 ale with a 1.6L stirplate starter, and then using the slurry from that beer as the yeast for the larger batch beer. Does that...
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    Calculating required flavor/aroma hops

    Greetings all! When putting together a recipe, I can calculate the bittering hops for any volume. AA%, volume of beer, required IBU. Simple enough. But what about aroma/flavor hops? How do you know how much is required without just guessing? The reason I am asking is because I am going...
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    Oxygen, flowrate question

    Howdy all. Working on getting an oxygen system, and found that you can't get a flow regulator with a gauge for that size. So really there is no way of knowing how much oxygen you put in. So when I hear "30 seconds of oxygen" from people, I have no idea if that is 0.1 LPM, 1.0 LPM, if the...
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    Aroma hops if dry hopping?

    Howdy all. Is there really a point to late addition hops (5 minutes and under) if you are going to dry hop? Both are for aroma, and the strength you get from dry hopping seems like it would overpower anything else. Would hate to be wasting good hops and good money. Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Mixed-Style Beer Sleight of Hand: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #94

    Mash: 154F Grain: 4lb Marris Otter 4lb Pilsner 5.5lb 2-Row 1lb 10oz CarafaII 6oz Chocolate Malt Hops: 0.6oz Simcoe 60min 0.6oz Sorachi Ace 40min 0.6oz Sorachi Ace 10min 0.5oz Sorachi Ace flame-out 0.75oz Nelson Sauvin flameout Dryhop for 1 week: 0.65oz Nelson Sauvin 2oz...
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    Please help my wife get into Beer Camp!

    Greetings fellow brewers! last year I went to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp, and my beer actually made the Best of Beer Camp variety pack (Belgian Black IPA). I got there with the help of this community, so many thanks! My wife is trying to go this year, and is needing a lot of votes. Any will...
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    Help my wife get into Beer Camp!

    **Edit: realized I should have posted in a different area. Apologies for the double post, copying this over to General Beer.** Greetings all! last year I went to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp, and my beer actually made the Best of Beer Camp variety pack (Belgian Black IPA). I got there with the...