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    electric sanke keg sanitizer idea

    Sorry. My rambling post was not more specific. I will continue to clean the fermenters with the oxy and carboy cleaner method. I just want a way to heat the fermenter with out having to resort to combustion. The cartridge heaters look cool. I may have to look into that design. Thanks for...
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    electric sanke keg sanitizer idea

    I have been fermenting in sankey kegs for a few months now. For my proposes they work well, but the same problem exists. I can't see into the keg to be sure it is clean. I do an oxy soak, and use drill mounted carboy cleaner, but still I am never sure. I have accidently made an oatmeal sour...
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    Office water cooler as temp control?

    I think this is a fine idea. I ferment in a temp controlled fridge and a temp controlled AC unit powered compartment. I do this, because I have the space. I keep looking at conicals, and can't pull the trigger simply because I can't find an appropriate way to cool them. I will likely be...
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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    I am a nurse, and work nights. Saving lives and stamping out disease takes too much of my time. The carboy cleaner will let me get my kegs ready quicker which would allow me to make more beer, and spend more time with my patients. This is the best step toward health care reform I can think of.
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    Mad scientist idea - Gas and electric system that's portable

    On the soldering stainless thread, some folks are using 1.5" triclover fittings to mount elements. If you did that, you could remove the element and use a blank to fill the hole.
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    Trellis Post question.

    I have about 70 plant growing in a tent configuration with a center cable at 12 or 14 feet high. I am hoping to expand next year, and need to source longer posts. My Cascade and Chinook plants make the top of the wire by the second week of June or so. Currently I am using the longest pressure...
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    Idea for an econo jacketed conical

    There are two things that would keep from doing this. First the poly is not a good conductor. I am sure it could be cooled with a jacket, but I doubt 20' of copper will be enough. I am not an engineer, so I won't put all the numbers and equations up. (I may be wrong, and that is another...
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    refractometer sensitive to amount of liquid?

    I actually do this quite often. Promash, and a few other software packages allow you to input the refractometer and hydrometer readings in a finished beer. It will then give you the OG, ABV, and such. It is very dependent upon the numbers you input, so an accurate reading on both instruments...
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    What to use a new oak barrel for?

    I wonder how much beer I can put through a barrel before the oak character is spent. This seems like it might be a real commitment in regards to brewing as I will to be sure the keep a heavy enough beer in my brewing schedule to keep the barrel full all the time. I like this challenge.
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    What to use a new oak barrel for?

    I have been invited by a cooper to build a barrel in his shop. The geek factor alone made me say yes. I haven't built the barrel yet, so I don't know just how big it will be. It will be toasted to my specification. I have read a few oak barrel posts, and it is my understanding that most...
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    Bad year so far for hops?

    My cascade and Chinook are all past the top of the trellis. I have had these plants for about 5 years, and this is the best they have ever looked. Even my Centennials are looking better this year, and they have never produced well. Of my 70 plants I think about 60 of them are experiencing...
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    Poured my stir bar into my fermenter!!

    I lost my o2 stone the fermenter once. I thought "No big deal. I'll just get it out later." That was three years ago. I think it is in the compost pile somewhere. I like the post-it note idea.
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    Using same yeast cake for multiple batches

    I have done this same thing for years. My experience has been that this works out fine up to about 5 batches for Chico strain yeasts. I tried it with a heffe yeast and learnd that the second batch was so different that I didn't try a fourth. (Yes, by the time you realize the 2nd is off you...
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    12X16 building with a loft big enough?

    My brewery is 10x14. I could easily lose a 4x6 chunk of this for a cold room. That should work just fine for you.