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    Oxygenating wine?

    Can you have problems with oxygen when it comes to making wine? I've heard about keeping beer away from the stuff but not sure about wine. I want to rack some wine to another container to clear it up a bit but it's stopped fermenting. I'm afraid if I do this there won't be enough carbon...
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    Currant Wine Attempt

    I had some currants lying round in the cupboard and noticed they were about to go off so I decided to try on making a wine out of them (not black currants but the grape variety). I'm pretty new to all this so I'm just experimenting with things. Is there any ingredients I should be adding...
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    Peanut Butter & Jam Wine...

    Well I had this crazy idea of making a peanut butter and jam wine recently. I read up on older posts and it seems the number one problem is oil and I'd need powdered stuff. Now I know you can make wine from jam but I'm not sure about the peanut butter. What do you think of this mad idea...
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    Finished bottling my first batch

    Successfully bottled my first 5 gallon batch of ale this weekend, hopefully doing everything correctly!! Thanks for everyones help who gave me tips and wisely letting me know about bottling wands which made it so easy for me. I wasn't sure about how big to make the pics
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    Worried about bottling

    My brew has been fermenting for nearly a week now and I know that the bottling time is growing near. I'm fairly clueless on this but I've read up and watched videos in a few different places online and got the general idea. As far as I can tell you - transfer to a second bucket, not taking...