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  1. J

    Water chemistry book by Palmer and Kaminski

    I'd like to ask an additional question about the book that I can't quite reconcile. On p.68, two formulas are given for RA, one in mEq/L and a revised formula in ppm as CaCO3. Both are (summarized) Alkalinity - Ca factor + Mg factor. But later in the examples section, p.161, the RA formulas...
  2. J

    Can a paintball pressurized gas cylinder be adapted to Oxygenate wort?

    Short version: no. There are two types of paintball cylinders: Co2 and High Pressure Air (HPA) / compressed air tanks. The Co2 tanks are a definite no; they aren't rated to contain the pressure from compressed air, and obviously using them filled with Co2 is counter-productive. Paintball...
  3. J

    Wiring Help - PID / SSR Issues

    My final answer: Bad Solid State Relay. My new relay came in today. I tested by bumping to a 100% manual boil from 65*F to 125*F, then bumping manual power down to 50%. Heater cycled on/off as expected. Kicked back to 100% manual for 2 minutes, then 0% manual, and heater shut off. Thank you...
  4. J

    Wiring Help - PID / SSR Issues

    I have a new SSR coming in today, as I have the feeling that's the culprit. I'll post my results. I did re-wire to run the PID off of 240 instead of sharing the ground as suggested, but that didn't solve the root issue. Unfortunately I don't have a working multimeter at the moment. If...
  5. J

    Wiring Help - PID / SSR Issues

    Ground, as I understand it. I followed the settings listed on Kal's site and left the rest of the settings at factory. Sn to 21 for RTD probe, Pb I left at 0, Filt to 5, A-M to 0, and ensured that COOL was set to 10 (factory). Only thing I didn't check is auto-tuning, but... Between posts I...
  6. J

    Wiring Help - PID / SSR Issues

    Hello all, I just finished wiring up my small panel today for my brewery, which currently consists of a single 15-gallon BIAB setup. I have a 240V dryer outlet adjacent to my brewing area, making it quite convenient to hook everything up and brew inside. Anyway, the problem that I'm...
  7. J

    Switchcraft's plug and outlet option

    Excellent. Looks like with that and the manufacturer's approval I've found my preferred connectors.
  8. J

    Switchcraft's plug and outlet option

    Just to be clear, runs4beer, you have actually used these for more than one brew session with no failures? I only ask because I have a few sets of them that I was going to use for a non-brewing project, but I also need to re-wire my electric control box, and I'd love to use them over ordering...
  9. J

    Tri-Clamp Valves and Misc Parts

    I'll take them; PM coming your way.
  10. J

    Commercial beer bottle label removal difficulty

    Guinness Draught - 1.5 The labels are heat-shrunk on, so a light slice with a razor blade and they drop right off. No soaking, no residue, no nitro widget, and great looking bottles.